Ebbygo by Oligo

06 July 2011 by Camra’s blog No reviews »

Receptions, old buildings, shops – anywhere where a decorative lighting solution with efficient lighting technology is required EBBYGO is the right choice. The combination of the various reflector and surface characteristics provide the planer with a high level of design flexibility.

Fashion cloth Faces by yalook

06 July 2011 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

Development of a new online fashion retailer from naming and brand personality, look & feel to a unique launch communication. We awakened clothing of the first collection to fashion faces and made the clothes to the stars of the launch campaign.

Sofa-Dress by MAEZM Studio

06 July 2011 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

‘sofa-dress’ is a job of space design and a suggestion of furniture design. The act of putting on the clothes of the “sofa” on the existing chair in itself makes the previous object become a little more cushiony furniture and it also can achieve an intention as a unified space with the same cuticles.

Rock Arsenal T-shirt package by Ann Leushina

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RockArsenal is leading Russian shop for undergrounds. Besides musical instruments, rare records and jewelry it sells tonns of t-shirts. The goal was to invent a new aesthetic and transfer it into firm logo and package to draw a new grown-up and payable customers.

Hofstede Optiek by Alexander Nowotny, The Hague

05 July 2011 by Camra’s blog No reviews »

Very exciting and experimental approaches to shop design can be observed at opticians as of late. Glasses and sunglasses are fashion accessories today. All opticians carry a big line of designer brands, and through individual, imaginative shop design increasingly are creating a unique selling proposition.

Liverpool Polanco Department Store, Mexico City (A.R.E Awards)

05 July 2011 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

This full-line, flagship department store delivers a simple but powerful design that enhances the Liverpool Brand while captivating and inspiring shoppers. A combination of hyper-scale staircase and visual art, including a feather sculpture, adds “wow” while inspiring vertical movement throughout the space.

Tenue de Nîmes denim shop, Amsterdam

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“In Amsterdam, where two denim aficionados Menno van Meurs and René Strolenberg launched their shop ‘Tenue de Nîmes‘ in November last year. Divided into two sections – in the ‘old’ part of the store you’ll find denim brands like: Levi’s Red, Lee jeans, Denim Demon, IJIN Material, Momotaro jeans, Nudie Jeans and G-star. In the ‘new’ part Tenue de Nîmes presents a blend of contemporary fashion for men and women, with brands like: Whyszeck, Cheap Monday, Velour and the handmade Tenue de Nîmes private label.”

Porsche Design Store in San Francisco

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The Porsche Design Group (Porsche Lizenz- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG), Stuttgart, opened a new Porsche Design franchise store in San Francisco. The store at 100 Grant Avenue close by the Union Square offers the full range of Porsche Design products and is located in the city’s top luxury shopping district.

Christian Dior giant lady handbag

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While the Christian Dior store was closed for renovating on 57th Street, they put a giant lady handbag in front of it. Nice.

Random light by Moooi

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Designed by Bertjan Pot and introduced in the Moooi collection in 2002, the Random Light has become a best seller right from the beginning. It transmit a feeling of simplicity, softness , lightness and a touch of magic in contemporary style.

Origami Forum by ModelArt Studio

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Origami Forum is a utilitarian space installation, intended to be used both outdoors and indoors. It is a multifunctional street furniture for sitting, lying, friendship, which can accommodate multiple users simultaneously, alone or in groups.

Scrap lights by Greypants

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Instilling new spirit into salvaged pieces of corrugated cardboard, a scrap light’s lively play on light and shadow invigorates once lifeless materials. Scrap lights collection is : Bell Disc Hive Bean Olive and the Twist. Graypants scrap lights: creating a brighter now.

Diesel ‘Fuel for Life’ Limited Edition Fragrances

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Diesel just released a limited-edition ‘Fuel for Life’ set of fragrances for men and women just in time for the holidays, and they only run until December 31, 2007 so you better act quick! The women’s chain is especially cool – it’s essentially a piece of jewelery with a hidden, refillable mini-fragrance bottle inside for little touchups on the go.

Burberry’s flagship store, Sydney

04 July 2011 by Camra’s blog No reviews »

Burberrry knows what we want! Burberry had luxury in mind in the design and creation of their latest flagship store that opened in Sydney, Australia this past weekend. Following the recent trend in fashion retail of ensuring that lavish experience we love so much, they have outdone themselves with their newest luxury location.

Glassons Flagship Store Broadway by Gascoigne Associates, Newmarket

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Gascoigne Associates worked closely with the Glassons team to create the brand’s new flagship store in Newmarket, at 501m², their biggest store yet. Following the success of the three other new concept stores designed by Gascoignes, Glassons were keen to make a strong statement on New Zealand’s premium fashion street with a high level of design and detail, plus a few surprises.

Vans Store at Covent Garden, London

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Here are the inside views of the new Vans Store located at Covent Garden in London. Measuring to 160 square metres, the new store at 3 Earlham Street stocks fully comprehensive range of footwear and apparel products. Much more, the store features the Vans Waffle shoe wall, checkerboard decals, and just about every other notable visual reminder of the Vans trademark.

85 Lamps by Droog

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This lamp uses only what is necessary to create light: bulbs, wires, connectors. By multiplying these essential elements an opulent chandelier is created. Less and more are united in a single product.

Architextile by Studio Aleksandra Gaca

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‘Architextile’ is the next step of Aleksandra in her search for three-dimensional weave structures. In this newest collection she experiments with contracts. Opposing materials such as wool and metal, mat and glossy are combined to emphasize the dynamic of contrasts such as high-tech with natural, technical with handicraft.

Ripples Outdoor bench by HORM

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Winner of the Compasso d’Oro in 2004, the Ripples bench designed by Toyo Ito here takes on a new look to become an outdoor bench, thanks to the use of Okumé wood. An already iconic object which, moulded with masterful craftsmanship, transmits Toyo Ito’s delicate poetry.

Louis Vuitton – Ostrich Windows, Bond Street New York

04 July 2011 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

I often look to fashion and especially window displays for inspiration. One of the best that I have seen of late has been the Louis Vuitton store on Bond Street. Designed by the Paris Creative Team and Chameleon, the hand crafted ostriches with sculpted faces and gold plated legs display the most luxurious bags in such a stylish and chic way.