Andrew Shoes Store by Mendekor, Tangerang – Indonesia

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Adopting modern contemporary style, this design is also used as the interior branding for all Andrew boutiques and outlets all around Indonesia. This fresh concept enhances and strengthen the branding quality and to remain relevant to the market.

Aritaum’s New Benchmark for Beauty Retail by Dalziel & Pow, South Korea

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As part of the new experience vision, we created a brand stamp logo, new Packaging and redesigned the staff uniforms in the striking monochrome and pink palette. The My Beauty Atelier concept is an exciting new direction for Aritaum.

Sir Ovenn Bakery by Shark&Shark, Shanghai – China

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Jumping triangles on counter and flooring are cut from black square tiles. Halos from hairline finish brass gives a warm and savoury ambience to the space.

lxhua – multifunctional vase label by Regina Kaun

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When buying an Ixhua, you are also supporting Mexican crafts made by women in need of work. Inside the ceramic container, it contains a compressed Canadian moss pellet, which works to germinate seeds.

New Sassetti Tower by L22 Urban & Building, Milano – Italy

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The office levels have been totally renovated to focus on enhancing the workplace’s efficiency and flexibility. Each of them has been given its own loggia located at the rear, so as not to interfere with the structural unity along the main front.

Big Wine Freaks bar by B-Arch, Moscow – Russia

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The chosen aesthetic projects an ornate pseudo-Russian style, and is captured by rich materials – mind you, there’s a lot of velvet – and a balanced infusion of colour.

Coolway Foot Truck by Culdesac Custom Retail, Valencia – Spain

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The customer-selling channels are becoming more and more virtual, and the foot truck reverses the ‘client goes to the shop’ dynamic to generate window displays that approach the client in highly specific environments; such as music festivals, cultural encounters, etc.

Redemption Roasters packaging by Here Design

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Here Design introduced a strong, simple logo that brings together the two ‘Rs’ of the brand name into a keyhole form to represent the unlocking of a prison door and the unlocking of untapped potential.

Mußler Beauty by Notino store by DIA – Dittel Architekten Gmbh, Stuttgart – Germany

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The holistic brand experience is the focus of the design concept. Everything revolves around what the consumer is looking for in stationary retail: individualization, emotionality, social exchange and exclusivity. Even from the outside, a digital shop window beckons as well as the view into the store with its live promotions.

BeefZavod by Evgeniy Evdokimov, St. Petersburg – Russia

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According to the plan everything that could be left from the old butcher’s shop was preserved, like tiling, walls and ceiling.

Tianjin Sino-Canadian Ecological Exhibition & Reception Center by CCDI Progressive Atelier, Tianjin – China

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Umbrella-like structural wooden columns are designed around the center of the space. Eight inclined columns diverge to the roof and top of the primary and secondary beams to form a rectangular lighting skylight.

Undici, the new laser-engraved hardwood flooring collection by Listone Giordano

11 December 2017 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

UNDICI is an innovative collection of laser-engraved parquet, born from the collaboration between Listone Giordano – guardian of memory and ancient traditions in the production of high quality wood parquet floorings and InkiostroBianco – brand of handcrafted and custom-made wallpapers.

V&M Showroom by Shark&Shark, Shanghai – China

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Copper sheets are laser cut in a pattern that allows freeform rebuild, and connected into larger piece by rivets. The final sheet simulates a solidified moment of fabric movement, playing as background wall at the entrance, with brass rivets composing brand logo at the center.

Heineken Office by ABD architects, Moscow – Russia

09 December 2017 by Camra’s blog 2 reviews »

The main idea of ​​the office was the atmosphere of a picnic and the joy of meeting with the doves. In general, ABD architects wanted to create a light, bright and fresh space, filled with air and natural elements.

Butchies restaurant by Block1: Design, Shoreditch / London – UK

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We started by looking at urban spaces and focused on the tile patterns of the Berlin underground. This is where we found the green tones which work to create a premium feel within the space as well as introducing an unexpected colour. We played with scale and colour to create interest and texture on the walls and counter.

Crestline Offices and Showroom by Yellow 6 Design, Hamilton – New Zealand

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The interior concept was to incorporate Crestline’s new sleek branding in a bright modern space without overpowering and distracting from the great products on display.

Sarah & Sebastian’s flagship store by Landini Associates, Paddington – Australia

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The jewellers bench made from Amercian Walnut and Copper is the central focus of the store, and the jeweller the first point of engagement upon entering. Designed as an intimate shopping experience, the jeweller will talk customers through raw materials and process, then guide customers in finding the perfect piece.

Every Shoot Has A Story branding by lg2

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Thanks to new brand positioning, a new visual identity and an online platform developed by lg2, Shoot can claim its position as a hub of professional visual storytellers that includes photographers, videographers, retouchers and producers.

Saks Fifth Avenue store, Connecticut

08 December 2017 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

The team was inspired by the opportunity to transform the traditional department store into elevated specialty stores with a residential feel. All three stores fit into the local lifestyle by providing a neighborhood destination for shopping moments spent with friends and family.

Comptoir Libanais by Studio 48 London, Utrecht – The Netherlands

08 December 2017 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

Whilst eating the culinary delights customers soak up the souk chic’ bazaar environment wrapped in the restaurants signature strong graphic accents, bright colour palette and eclectic retro style and iconic images that come together in a cacophony of colour, pattern, texture and meaning to give customers an all encompassing visceral experience.