New Big Idea (Yet To Reveal)!

In my view, as an overall goal in life, one should strive to be debt-free by the time of retirement – no car payments, no credit card payments, no mortgage payments. My personal goal is to be debt free before I am 60. In that manner, I can live a relaxing retirement, not having to worry about making money to pay for mortgage payments, car payments or other monthly expenses. By limiting my cash-flow needs, I will have a flexible retirement and be able to do things without having to run through my retirement capital. The blog will be closed to comments but I welcome feedback, thoughts and questions via email: And yes, in three hours I will change the title of this blog entry, if it doesn’t generate enough hits. About a fourth of you will be passive indexed investors, while the rest will be active investors. He’s also one of the more active players in the league. Because the passive part returned 10.0% and the total market returned 10.0%. So the active part had to return the same. Well, it can be done, and how it is done is one reason our Real Estate market went haywire over the last decade.

Well, I didn’t know for sure, and I didn’t sell my only home for reasons to be explained below. Well, both are right, in my opinion. This is not to say the media is not biased against Trump or against the Left or Right, but biased against your own self-interest and your own pocketbook – in favor of their own. The news media prints what sells. But either way, the media is not on your side. During this time people engaged themselves in stock markets for side income. If you pay off your mortgage early, you will need to put even more money into retirement accounts, to make up for the lost time in investing. There are several steps you can take to make your home more attractive to potential home buyers without spending a lot of money. A banner ad appears, and they make 1/10th of a cent from your clicking. Always make certain you position variety 1 for a phrase a great deal of people are actually looking for!

By looking for and recruiting specialists in the art of outsourcing and development for advice, your business is more likely to succeed because of the diverse array of talents put into practice. However, as we age, we should put more money into safer investments. Is it better to pay down debt or use that money to invest? The key is to minimize debt and avoid “stupid debt” such as credit card debt, consumer financing, and the debt for things you don’t really need or can buy secondhand for cash (hot tubs, pool tables, jet skiis, etc.). Granted, when starting out in life, it may be necessary to borrow money for student loans, to buy that first car (secondhand, hopefully, using your credit union) and to buy your home. Once you buy shares or other securities, there are very few costs to worry about. Now the few problems with ETFs are: forex, dividends and liquidity.

Now granted, it is true that you might do better “in the market” investing money rather than paying down debt. By paying down high-interest rate debts first, you are saving the largest chunk of money. Paying down mortgage debt when you are young, on the other hand, may make less sense, particularly if you are carrying higher-interest-rate debts such as car loans or credit card debt. So they gin up the headlines to make me click to find out where – as if whatever he was doing (along with “Cramer” who they trot out with regularity) is of some consequence to my daily life. In recent months, I have noticed a trend on MSN news, which aggregates news stories from a number of sources, of headlines that change in real time. The name of the game is to generate clicks, so they concentrate on sensationalist stories and click-bait headlines to get you interested in something that, in real terms, is of no consequence to you. So I say to Mark – Game On!