Living Stingy: 06/01/2019

Repeating it over long run by adding more stocks soon you will become richer and richer and then become rich enough to change to Sustainable Retirement Income For Life investing strategy. Federal Reserve’s anticipated interest rate hike this week will make cash the most attractive it has been in about a decade and end the era of stocks as the only game in town. Based on his personal experience from last GFC as PART-TIME retail investor and after so many years; he finally realized that it is not that easy to become rich from cash flow by taking small profits. Next, you must try to understand when you should be taking small profits and when you should NOT even try to take small profits. His total cash flow by taking small profits is about 564% and that is an average of about 6% per round. If he takes 1,009% from “Never sell but receive cash flow from dividends” and divided by 94 rounds and that is an average of about 11% per round of earnING and earnED. So, just sell and take small profit. But; buying in the late Bear and by taking small profit in the Bull or especially in the early Bull, it is quite certain that you are going to miss out the rare opportunity of becoming richer from stocks.

It’s the old adage of the harder and smarter you work, the more lucky you are. Companies who are into online retailing may seek to use behavioral targeting as a way to direct potential buyers to their website more effectively and all these methods have the potential of resulting in sales increases. You ought to also look at which specialist organizations the supplier belongs to plus if they have had any complaints filed against them with the BBB. If you look up “Schmuck” in the Dictionary, you will see this photo. Just like the field of tulips that take our breath away when we see it. Did you see the difference? Knowing that difference is how you can become richer from stocks. This is the precisely the reason why not many retail investors become richer from stocks. Profits are shared among the investors and all the investors share the risks associated with running a business. Finally for investors with perhaps £5K or less having all eight or even just seven ETF’s is going to result in quite uneconomic allocations.

When we buy in the Bull and especially buying in the late Bull, we must make our money from cash flow by realizing profits and even small profits; but buying in the late Bear, it is different story. Got cash flow coming. We must try to understand how our mind think of cash flow. 407% or 12.7% CAGR from cash flow over 13.6 yrs and add in value asset into Wealth Formula. My personal asset allocation is by no means perfect – roughly 60% equities and 40% bonds. Property is one asset class that does both, rising in value and generating income. Luckily, nowadays it is very easy to find a county with a good property research website. Every person who chooses to invest in anything should do their own research at some point. For those, who achieve this degree from a B-school, or private college are appointed for little less stipend amount.

You are getting confused? Buying in the late Bull and don’t know how to take profits; soon you are going to regret and feel sorry! How do we know it is buying in late Bear and selling in the early Bull? Buying in the Bull or especially in late Bull you better learn to take small profit fast and survive. Is never wrong to take profit in the Bull. Is never wrong to take profit? Never wrong but not exactly right! How to become rich from stocks? The house payments were more than this, of course, but with the home mortgage interest deduction, perhaps not much more. In the past I have looked at financially distressed firms but I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I should stay away from them. ETFs also have lower management expenses since they don’t require active management like mutual funds. Two economic stats were released yesterday: weekly jobless claims were much lower than anticipated while pending home sales were discouraging.

Numerous factors impact the price of beef stocks, however, none so much as recalls and problems with disease. However, safety is a major concern if you own a work van. However, if we have a 2 year view, elections and its results don’t matter much. The PM must have agreed to go along with this arrangement at the outset so I guess she must take responsibility. How many times have you try to do it? In order to increase our mind capacity, we have to tame it first. But never mind. Old man likes “Wa Ka Li Kong!” Bo hew! Back to Uncle8888’s Wealth Formula again. Back then, the valuation was a pain and had to be overlooked for a value investor to love the stock. Uncle8888 has tried to buy back so many times. Uncle8888 has done both. It is 1,009% or 19.9% CAGR over 13.6 years as of 17 Apr 15 market closing price.