If The Market Is With You

When there is a prolonged drought, for example, the Low supporters would come out in droves to vote for a mayor sympathetic to their circumstances. On other occasion, when there is a royal marriage, for example, the High supporters would be ecstatic and come out to vote for a mayor supporting city-wide celebrations. On average, only about 10 persons go to vote. It can be seen as something which can be treated by massage as well as relaxing and yoga. 5. To understand the fact that stock prices change daily, as well as stock market’s volatility. The Stock Matrix wants us to believe that we all fall off the building when prices crash. We fall off only when we choose to follow the rules of the Stock Matrix. Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, once said that in the short-term, the stock market is like a voting machine, but in the long term, it is like a weighing machine. As Benjamin Graham said, the market is for investors to take advantage of, buying when the market is in a depression and selling when it is in ecstasy.

In my very first post of this blog, I briefly mentioned that the financial market is a “Matrix”. On the first factor, my father is a share investor, so he is very comfortable with investing the money in the stock market. Only good shares would be selected, and at the first sign of trouble, the respective shares would be sold out. Why did this great firm, doing great, come to ask for money out the blue? Fast forward to today, we are now officially entrusted with our parents’ money. After reading the 2 gentlemen’s blog posts and reviewing my own experience, I think our parents’ investing experience and how the money is viewed have a very huge impact on how the money is eventually invested. On the second factor, if the money is viewed as a stand-alone account with capital guarantee, then very likely I would have invested it mostly in bonds and preference shares.

When I was in university, I would recommend to him which stocks to buy (I was not trained in stock analysis then), so in a sense, I was helping to manage his money. This allows the group who issued the stock (or bond) to call force the shareholder to surrender their shares in return for cash (or in the event of a reverse split, fewer shares). In event management, there are many services involved for which few vendors are contracted in order to provide services such as caterers, furniture rental, decorators Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. However, given the low voter turnout, there are a few occasions when either the Lows or the Highs would win the election. Since elections are held everyday, and because voting is not compulsory, the voter turnout everyday is very low. Interestingly, although the citizens of Far Far Away City do not like to vote, they pay a lot of attention to the elections. Like I previously mentioned, they rely on the fundamentals.

Act like a shareholder, search for a property that is aptly spruced up and has a solid foundation. A typical ticker-type on an ordinary day might run like this: M, M, L, M, M, M, H, M, M, M. Some experts would scrutinise this ticker-tape to search for hidden information to predict the next winner. This is usually in search of blog ideas to extend the longevity of this blog. I hope this blog has made a small difference to the investing community. I am not sure how long this blog can last. This is the last weekend before Black Friday. For the last 28 years, Risk wasn’t really my friend. So while the money was still invested in shares, it has a reduced risk appetite since my father’s money is involved. Because both my father and myself are share investors and because of the long time horizon, we invested the money in a portfolio of shares and cash.