What Is Black Friday?

This is a close-up of an “outfit pile”. Next, I separated all of the “outfit add-ons” and extras that could be thrown on top. 400 million was raised online last year, and 3.6 million gifts have been donated. 99 per year, but if you’re not sold on committing to Prime up, don’t worry. Even better though, seeing as you will have a Prime Membership, is this brilliant credit card! We’ve got Black Friday watches, Black Friday handbags and so many other sales items that you won’t even know where to begin. That way is helpful for you to find items for half off or more. If you shop online though, you are able to get all the items on your list from the comfort of your own home. Online shopping has never been more affordable, so why no look beyond your gift list? Also, I didn’t know what to expect so I brought everything from casual to more dressy.

Another packing-factor is that I have never been to Chicago and I know it can be frigid, so I brought outfits that can be layered in case I end up an ice cube on my first night there! Since this is for work, I packed a lot of black so the outfits could be interchangeable if necessary. I packed several pair of black skinny pants (denim, velvet, cord, etc.) and one pair of denim to go with many different outfits. I popped in one of their stores this weekend and picked up this coat (in burgundy) and am loving it! This must be the year of coats for me because a few weeks ago I snagged this Women’s Asymmetrical Down Coat from Land’s End. I needed one of these magic coats! OK thanks, what is the difference with the other one? In the history of the world, there have always been great gaps, separators which isolate one land mass from another.

If you have missed out the online shopping this Black Friday, still there is another chance to make it most of it. Again, this will be available tomorrow (Cyber Monday, 11/28) on the Lip Smacker site HERE and there is a limited supply so if you want one, get it while you can! I personally would be so excited to get this gift because it contains a whopping 36 regular-sized lip balms and 6 Biggys, and the packaging is adorable! 5. The phenomena of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is now going worldwide and may be a great idea to get that special item at ridiculously low prices. Rude behavior and in some cases violence ensues as crazed women push, shove, and fight their way into the stores to get their prizes. On Nov. 30, the Exchange stores will have a special Saturday sale event and open at normal times. Well in advance of these day after Thanksgiving sales stores will make their Black Friday ad circulars available for shoppers. Lip Smacker sent me their special Cyber Monday Ultimate Lip Balm Vault in advance of its release tomorrow and I’m excited to give you a quick look! This is seriously a lip balm lover’s dream (take it from me because you know I’m a lip balm addict).

A Gift Guide not only highlights your products or deals, it gives a sense of direction for novices shopping for gifts. DJI also has their line of products at up to 40% off through end of Monday. This Lands End model did not let me down! They, too, are having a 50% off sale today by using the code MONDAY and pin 3264. If you’re looking for a warm coat, let me tell you this baby is WARM! They are designed to bring out the beauty in you. 89. Click HERE to check it out. For more information, click here. After all, you’re saving money so you may be able to add more adventure, even on a limited budget. People normally want to have one but because of the cost stops themselves as it may not be suitable for their monthly pocket. It comes with an outer box (the image you see above) and then the vault inside has a flip-top lid with a ribbon hinge on one side.