What Does Traveling Do?

We didn’t get much rain, except for the day we were leaving PR. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Since the pandemic started, I’ve waited for an extremely long time to get out of the US mainland, just to visit any new place… He also took control of Yehud Medinata in 320 because he was very aware that it was a great place from which to attack Egypt and was also a great defensive position. Direct flights from D.C or NY are very common and take only a few hours, which would make a great weekend getaway. Our AirBnB place, called “Guava House” on Las Palmas, was a great location because most of the places we wanted to see were close by and the airport was only a 7-8 minutes drive. Our AirBnB: Since it was our first time in Puerto Rico and we were not going to rent a car, we wanted to stay close to OSJ. First I asked my sister, then a few other friends, and then my cousin to join the trip. Pythagoras – the guy with the a-squared-plus-b-squared-equals-c-squared theorem – and his students were among the first to associate the lengths of equally tight, equally heavy strings with their tones and, more importantly, recognize that ratios of the lengths of those strings was super important.

Uber is super efficient and cheap here. Keep in mind, you can rent a car in PR, but as one of the Uber drivers was saying, the parking fees for rental cars are huge everywhere you go. Also, if your hotel/AirBnB doesn’t have a safe garage for your rental car, parking your car on the street can be dangerous as petty thefts and car break-ins are very common here. Laptops are becoming more powerful and desktop computers less popular. It is more crowded but no less impressive. Nothing was fancy or luxurious in this home, but we had 9 bedrooms, an open dining area, an enclosed kitchen, stairs to the rooftop, 4 bedrooms with attached baths and a general area with 3 more bathrooms and 3 showers. It is also good for self-development as we generally become more open minded and appreciate other people more when we travel. Being a US territory, USD is the currency here and English is spoken and understood by most of the people.

It ended up being 8 of us girls all together who went along on this trip (and 1 other friend who tested positive for Covid 2 days before we left and had to stay behind). Being a cat lover and a owner of 2 kitties, I loved those street cats. If I only knew that this place is packed with that much history, natural beauty, rich culture, laid back days, and crazy night life, I would have gone to Puerto Rico sooner. Yes, the neighborhood was a bit sketchy but I’d go back to that house over any resorts any time in Puerto Rico. One of the world’s largest and most splendid theaters, the Vienna State Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper) has hosted many of the world’s most prominent composers, conductors, soloists, and dancers. San Juan is the capital and the largest city of Puerto Rico. Eating and Shopping: Plantain is a very popular and staple food in Puerto Rico.

Tostones are deep fried plantain chips that I’ve tried a few times… But to be very honest, I have had better plantain dishes in South or Central America. The people who call this place and cuisine their own, the Gullah Geechee, are direct descendants of West African captives brought to America during the Transatlantic Slave Trade. I decided to fly to Puerto Rico solo at the end of last year and chose this place because it was a US territory and no test/quarantine was required. ANY NEW PLACE. I know many traveled during the pandemic. No evidence of purple dye manufacture has been found at Carthage, but mounds of shells of the murex marine snails, from which it derived, have been found in excavations of the Punic town of Kerkouane, at Dar Essafi on Cap Bon. What I found the most difficult is finding my own rhythm, knowing when to start and even where to go to do work, right?