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Liquidity also seems to be much higher too. Do you have too much sand left over to add to your jar? It’s too much money to be raised. By right, if you aim to always make money, won’t the outcome be the same as never lose money? In short we were all on the same page and pro-American. And so over the summer when I had some time, I pulled a ton of data, ran some charts, made some financial projections and put together a 20 page business plan. Keynes himself was against this, advocating that national budgets be balanced over an economic cycle by accruing surpluses in good years. This post is a good argument against redistribution. John Maynard Keynes did not advocate redistribution. The real problem is that politicians and bankers use Keynes as an excuse to pursue reckless fiscal and monetary policies forever. Take the example of CRM software for the first case – many SMBs use online CRM software to manage their sales and marketing efforts. First impressions make all the difference and that’s why it’s so important that your home projects curb appeal.

This was not possible just a few years ago which was why games were always single or double player only. Keynes advocated expansionary fiscal and monetary policy as a possible policy response in times of persistently high unemployment, low private investment, and idle industrial capacity. Unemployment, which then was calculated honestly, was at 33%. Private had fallen off a cliff, as had state and municipal investment in infrastructure. The result was chronically high unemployment, declining wages, and low private investment. All they care about is draining your investment capital. The funds are borrowed (either through capital markets or inflationary monetary policy), not taken via tax revenue. This also makes sense for individual traders like myself, who can’t / don’t employ their own risk manager (I guess we are our own risk managers – with all the conflicts of interest that entails). These factors were essentially the ingredients you needed in order for a business or an individual to “produce” something.

And that includes the people who produce the tools and machines you’ll need to get started. Land – you can produce nothing without at minimum some kind of office space. The fee for the application is set depending on the land size (acreage) of the property. Politicians would not be able to wield the power over the people like they do. Get medical insurance for your entire family over and above what your employer or office may be providing you. This metal is one of those fine resources that will retain value over time. As explained in this article, it is a great hedge against inflation and offers intrinsic value in time of disaster. The rest of the time my idea was dismissed without them even hearing about the idea, and not ONE business proposal was sent out. If you have a full time profession (job or a business) which will put food on the table irrespective of how the stock market behaves, it is bound to impact your risk appetite. If that is done you are well on your way to successful stock picking. Coupled with tuition, the kid stands a better chance to do well in PSLE. Keynes suggested that putting idle men to work producing something useful was surely better than letting them be idle on the dole.

An improvement upon democracy, or perhaps a better way of putting it, democracy on steroids. I tinkered with it, toyed with it, and soon it just wouldn’t go the frick away. It was to answer the debate, once and for all, whether it was military spending or social spending that was the primary cause of our financial woes. When the statistics were tallied it turned out nearly 2/3rds of the deficit/debt was caused by social spending and only 25% military spending. A country where government spending accounts for 40% of GDP is NOT a capitalist one. When the troops got back, we were not only victorious, but (unlike Vietnam and to a lesser extend today) the rest of the country were proud of what the troops did and supported them. And the creators of Trivial Pursuit had to go to a different country to find backers for their game. I am on the right, economically and socially, but I find attacks against Keynes exasperating. It’s worth considering the environment in which Keynes evolved these views. Was it really so unreasonable for Keynes to suggest stimulating economic demand with expansionary fiscal and monetary stimulus in such a situation?

During Reagan, yes there was an element of a cold-war going on, but the primary reason the Reagan Keynesian stimulus worked is because, once again, there was a future. Therefore it behooves the lender to analyze where the proceeds of the loan are going to go. It also is about the only silver bullet that could genuinely save the US (and all of Europe for that matter) from the financial problems we face today and keep them going as a viable economic entites. Today you may have been able to claim Bush was somewhat pro-America, but the same cannot be said of Obama. AFFORD to buy), and the stock market (the same). Unfortunately, the stock price wouldn’t know how you modelled the firm. This was my primary job during my 15 year tenure in banking. This may lead sales of Bill’s Brews to increase in the coming year. EPS can be useful when assessing a stock’s relative investment value, but should be used along with other measures, as companies may use different approaches when accounting for various expenses and sales.