(The) Boring Investor

But, when you are successful in moving up the Inverted Pyramid of Investing, every successful move up the ladder will give you better opportunity. But, you may or may not be better than employee, as you now may have more things to worry about. Just like investing more will likely make you more, waiting longer will make you more as well. But even this simplicity, fact, and empirical data is not enough to overcome the stupidity and ignorance of most Americans (and thus why I no longer care and enjoy the decline). I liked this so much I even put it into my book, where it appears as the the “Semi Automatic Trader” character. 100K account requires only 5% ROC, and definitely it is so much easier now. 50K capital, it requires you investing right to get the 10% ROC, certainly it is not an easy task. For much smaller capital, ROC on value stocks is really not too bad either.

For much smaller capital, ROC on value stocks is not too bad either. Could anyone tell me what is nett ROC over 5-8 years time frame for property investment? I think the biggest advantage of Property Investing over Active Stock Investing is your size of capital. The performance of these mutual funds is dependent on the movement of stock prices of these companies. Some funds will invest in one specific class of assets, some in a mix of assets. Popular funds draw a lot of new money. The critical learning point in Rich Dad Poor Dad that really strikes me is this one: Reduce the time and effort spent in “work for money”. After reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki over one weekend in Oct 1999, I decided I no longer wanted to “work for money”. Oh my God, after reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, it changed me completely, I immediately realized that “work for money” may not be the best way going forward.

I believe many people have read this book. With this recession, many people in US following his wealth strategy of using property as wealth building could be cursing him now. His wealth strategy on property may not be suitable for you. I too disagree and not going into Property as wealth building strategy (I have done my own research into ROC on Property, time and effort required. As an Employee and Self-Employed: Make effort to reduce time spent in building wealth in these quadrants, and move into Investing and Business Owner quadrant as soon as possible. Mr Aaron Sim, founder of Wealth Mentors .. As property investors will never see any unrealized losses throughout their holding period. For emotional control, think like a property investor so you too will never see any unrealized losses throughout your holding period. Just like with REITs, the Real Estate Limited Partnership investor is spared management responsibilities, and is relieved of liability for principal debt.

So does it make sense that Buffett owns some of the most distinguished brand names like Coca Cola, Gilette, Kraft? However, staying as an employee can be a false sense of job security too. Employee is getting paid for conducting personal disposal task in the toilet, but not sure about self-employed, you are getting paid too? Then the sub-prime mortgage came along and suddenly some of the shares on my watchlist were getting cheaper. However, the discipline of meeting regular mortgage payments and gradually taking ownership of a tangible asset, means home owners usually do better financially than those who rent. However, while this addresses the budgetary issues facing the country (which will be summarily ignored), it does nothing to address the counterparty to this deficit spending. But again, as Mr Grantham puts it: ‘Sensible value-based investors will always sell too early in bubbles and buy too early in busts.