Living Stingy: 09/01/2019

Yet the performances of the dollar which normally rises on higher rates and of GLD which normally declines on higher rates, pointed at just the opposite. The dollar declined, ending within in its short term downtrend and below 200 day moving average (now resistance) and back below its 100 day moving average, voiding Tuesday’s break. GLD rose two cents, finishing above its 200 day moving average (support) and the lower boundary of a short term uptrend; it ended right on its 100 day moving average for a second day. October EU industrial output was above expectations; November UK unemployment rose while CPI and PPI were in line. ] how can net tax cuts be helpful to this situation?) November PPI was also above expectations but that can interpreted differently depending on your perspective. Cornyn’s optimistic assessment that the tax bill will be out of conference soon. To be sure, there are plenty of historical arguments on both sides as to whether the tax bill as it is currently structured will indeed be stimulative.

The bond market seems to be telling us that these better stats will add support to the central bank motivation to push forward with the unwind of QE. Those little contributions you make month after month, year after year quickly add up. To add to it I moved out of my house to learn how to control all my expenses. This one only applies to the really smart people out there who have developed trading strategies through backtesting, data mining, call it what you will. Knowing how well they have done through their life journey through their own time and effort. The basics of it are you should do as much as possible early on, so that you can coast later in life. By creating streams of passive income, I reduce the stress in my life and make living easier. It only took one day to make a liar out of me. An example is Amtek Engineering, which was delisted from SGX in 2007 after being bought out by a PE fund, and was relisted as Interplex Holdings in 2010. And the story did not end there. While it is certainly possible that this was the cause of the drop, there is as of yet no evidence supporting this claim.

There are just 3 trust currently – Impax Environmental Markets (IEM) is by far the largest with assets of £500m and which I have recently added to my portfolio. The Market’s answer appears to have been ‘damn little’. But at least we have a couple of green shoots that could be augmented by this week’s economic data—which appears to be on the way to another strong one for the primary indicators. Nice article, nuffsaidstan. This article has prompted me to browse a store (comics, collectibles) nearby that I keep walking past on my way home. You don’t make money – or have the opportunity to make money – from a car loan or a home mortgage. Yesterday’s economic stats were upbeat: while weekly mortgage and purchase applications were weak, September durable goods orders (primary indicator) and September housing starts (also a primary indicator) were both strong. You are informed about the primary and secondary markets.

Equity traders trade in the stocks of several smaller companies in over-the-counter markets. The issue here is the extent to which rising inflation will push the Fed to a more aggressive tightening stance than is now expected by the markets. 200,000 and an MBA graduate would be paid much more than that as they reach the peak of their careers. Having said all of that, CPI gets reported today and it may portray a much more benign pricing environment. While it was pretty much expected, early trading suggests a dovish take by investors. And while it certainly is an investment strategy to buy into a money-losing company in the hopes it will become profitable later, inevitably, sooner or later investors are going to want their money back. Behind Fischer’s statement lies a troubling feature of the recovery – business investment has fallen below levels in prior years and companies seem to have stopped responding to low borrowing costs. Whether that happens or not, I have no clue. Yesterday’s performance could have been just noise.

The long Treasury’s poor price action yesterday was indicative of the performance of the entire fixed income complex and seemed to be pointing to a shift in bond investors’ outlook towards higher rates. The indices (DJIA 23329, S&P 2557) failed to sustain any follow through from Tuesday’s strong performance. I remarked in Wednesday’s Morning Call that Tuesday’s strong pin action was ‘evidence of just how strong the underlying momentum in the Market is’. As you know, I hold the predicative value of bond investors’ action over that of equity investors. Its pin action suggests that it will challenge the lower boundary of its intermediate term trading range (roughly 10 points lower). ] from January 2018 to September 2018, (4) will continue to reinvest the proceeds of the maturing bonds that it holds as long as necessary. As you know, in my opinion, it will not. As you know, I have been lamenting the absence of any indication that a more business friendly regulatory environment and an improving EU economy could be positively impacting US growth. Those that do will benefit from dealing with savvy and knowledgeable consumers who know what they want and have a plan to make it happen.