Can You Really Save Money?

I also restamped the glittery butterfly on white paper, colored it and glued it down over the one below it to make it pop up a bit. I created this textured background with some modeling past, printed tissue paper, painted deli wrap, dark paper tape and some watered down down black paint. I began by painting my page with 2 shades of blue paint. Once dry, I used some blue and white napkin scraps to add a bit of detail. But I am tired at night, a bit at least. Or the nighttime side at least. So my art today is my brain on the dark side. Toys R Us is recalling thousands of art sets made in China due to excessive levels of lead in some black watercolor paints. I liked the black and white border and they also help this page work for Art Journal Journey and Alison’s Geometric Shapes challenge. I got lots of work done at my open house at school last night, manning my room for the tour groups to come through. Gold, regarded a safe-haven investment in times of trouble, saw a jump of 38,361 net long contracts held by speculators, who include those with index exposure, over the last two weeks.

100 billion. Not all commodities saw an exodus in long money, however. 200 billion tied to index-related commodity investments. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or CFTC. Traditional retailers are at financial loss throughout the year and make their profit during this holiday season, beginning on the day after Thanksgiving. I will make guac and pico de gallo next time I make chill! I do miss my morning walks, and my time in the sun. It was a chilly morning this morning in the hood. Happy Friday everyone. This is a short post as I’m tired this morning. It’s Black Friday and there are bargains to be had in every store as well as online. Every culture will have superstitions viz ghosts, and there are so many parallels to those here(especially the mirror). Is there some sinister plot to dismantle history? If you are searching for a priceless gift, a personalized piece of jewelry will last a lifetime.

Someone in the crush of people tripped over a piece of luggage and the Muslim men and women fell down like dominoes on top of each other until 350 were dead. In the past two weeks we held Memorial Services for two men that God used to richly bless our church. Google(GOOG), Microsoft(MSFT) and eBay(EBAY) are looking for engineers who can think on their feet. Google co-founder Sergey Brin has been quoted as saying he wants to build the equivalent of the sentient computer HAL from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, except that it wouldn’t kill people. Then I stamped the saying twice, once on the card and once on some clear acetate, cut out the acetate and match it to the writing underneath and glue it down. I finished off the page with some postage stamps my my stamp stash, a few postmark rubber stamped images as well as a few other bits out of my “scrap pile”.

Monochromatic separates work well under a jacket. Hope all your week is going well. AMERICAN GIRL CYBER MONDAY SALE 2013: STILL GOING TILL 11:59 CENTRAL TIME! However, the Economic Collapse says that people are killing American jobs by spending money on cheap, foreign made goods during Black Friday. Nope, but we do watch out for e-tailer offers during Black Friday. Also be sure to check out our great deals at Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta. Hope everyone has a great day and a great start to your weekend. 19 through Monday, December 2nd. And not to mention great deals, too! This builds anticipation for your Black Friday deals, making people “line up” at your online store ready for the sale. If you missed out on Black Friday deals or are still looking to give your credit card a workout, Cyber Monday is at your service. The usual manner of payment for online shopping is by credit card.

I like this card. As we go on, that Ratelle is a pretty nice looking card. As you can see it is next week’s calendar page in my calendar journal, but I guess it isn’t so bad to be looking ahead. If you’re looking for a video game console, consider the Nintendo Switch and Accessories Bundle. Consider buying more than of these drones and bundle and save for Cyber Monday. The Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping results are in and this year held no surprises as to which GPS brands remain at the top. That big shopping day is approaching very quickly and it may be time to begin making a plan on how you are going to get the very best deals around. So I was going for opposites and made my crows albinos. Ghost crows if you’d like. I like to do that because it makes the black words so very distinctly black and visable. With millions of Americans dropping hundreds of dollars on a smart phone in 2010 it will be very interesting to see if Wal-Mart gets in on the act and offers Black Friday phone deals.