The City of ArchDaily: 2017 Building of the Year Awards Exhibition, Moscow – Russia

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In order to best show the sites’ photographs and drawings, the installation was designed in the form of 8 double blocks, whose shape and color reference the ArchDaily logo.

Refreshment area at Monza hypermarket by A4A, Monza – Italy

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Separate areas are marked off by screens of natural wooden slats which with their lozenge pattern recall garden trellises. The areas are defined while keeping all the perspectives open, both internal and towards the outside through the glass view.

McCann WorldGroup Office by TPG Architecture, New York City

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The 26,000 square foot space is outfitted with collaborative spaces, a main board room and enclosed brainstorming white box spaces. The 28th floor incorporates elements of a progressive workplace and highlights a unique combination of open workspace, closed and open collaboration and executive offices.

The Abeyance store, Portland – Oregon

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Called the Abeyance, meaning a pause of sort and usually in a legal situation, Phillips aims to create a pause, if not a meditative moment that enables one to find new balance in the volatile realm of fashion. The retail space measures 850 sq.ft. and boasts a clean aesthetic of whitewashed walls, paired with timber planking, simple wooden furnishings and steel clothing racks.

Sheraa Entrepreneurship Center by Pallavi Dean Interiors, Sharjah – UAE

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There is a quirky amphitheatre for product and business launches, we created a tiered, organically shaped object to match the typography of the centre’s logo. This wavy structure is a nod to the concept of seafaring, doubling as a stage for presentations and panel discussions, as well as auditorium style seating when the centre hosts larger presentations and events.

Hotel The Square by Afa Arredamenti, Milano – Italy

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They have been designed with carefully selected materials, fine fabrics and planned to meet the needs of each individual guest. There are also spaces for meetings and events, a lounge bar and a restaurant serving gourmet cuisine.

DIGIC Vinyl album cover by Balázs Kétyi

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The spectrogram is the visual representation of the spectrum of frequencies of sound. During the designing process of the album covers, my goal was to replicate the spectrogram patterns of the collections using an unique typeface pattern.

KAOS flagship store by Fabio Caselli Design, Florence – Italy

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KAOS is accompanied by contemporary materials, such as black varnished iron for the slim and elegant columns and the 1950’s inspired tables, transparent crystals, white varnished retro glass, and finally the slightly unfinished “warm” wood used for all supporting parts.

Bare Witness restaurant by moMA Architects, Sydney – Australia

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Internal space is planned open and free, which perfectly reflects the ambition of the restaurant and chef himself – to serve healthy, trendy, and tasty food experience that is simultaneously cozy yet exciting. Bare Witness wants their customers to have the whole new experience of dining, but one that engages them with comfort.

Teknion’s “zones” collection by pearsonlloyd at NEOCON 2016, Chicago – Illinois

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Pearsonlloyd encourages informal productivity – an alternative to the traditional office – through a range of components that can be combined to make an all-inclusive office furniture solution. With familiar and comforting forms, the pieces act as natural connection points where colleagues can work, chat or relax informally.

Rent Bed Space Office Design Dubai by Galaxy Interior Design, Dubai – UAE

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We were requested to integrate modern Arabic components where suitable. Every area of this space specified to permit receiving well-known clients in a private and magnificent atmosphere.

EchoStar by Woven Image and Kirei

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The single or linked units are available in five colors, including white, ivory, speckled gray, gray and charcoal. The diamond facets deflect sound waves while the EchoPanel surface absorbs sound, reducing echo and controlling noise.

KURAGANE ramen bar by Design office Dress, Osaka – Japan

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KURAGANE, its appearance looks like old Japanese warehouse or fine traditional stores at that time. The color and materials used in this bar is the one we can see in the traditional Japanese architecture and interiors like black wood, white paint, natural wood, ropes to feel the history of that place,but it still looks modern Japanese style in someway.

Garanti Barter / Değişim Merkezi headquarter by OSO Architecture, Istanbul – Turkey

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The interior space of the office, which is belonging one of the leading companies in their own field, is created for having the feeling of transparency and coziness.

Luck Out Hair Dressing Salon by Bonfield Interiors, Tokyo – Japan

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Steel panels, iron pipes, antique lamps, air ducts, paint-stained “imperfect” furniture become attractive and decorative in their own right due to their functional design.

Bistrò Rossini by Afa Arredamenti, Faenza – Italy

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An elegant eclectic space characterized by natural and warm tones. Essential lines for the bar counter in stone finishing equipped with transparent square display cases enhancing the food products.

Anglepoise Clerkenwell Showroom with Unibox Displays, London – UK

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To ensure each of the graphic panels, which were fixed to a single system channel, aligned correctly, the Unibox design team devised a clever solution that treated the panels like a jigsaw, designing notches that were cut from each panel to join the neighbouring panel.

Souvenir Shop Affenberg by Konrad Knoblauch, Salem – Germany

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The feeling of being in nature is complemented by an abstract forest relief in various shades of green and winding wooden shelves along the walls, oak beams that project into the room like tree trunks as well as a lot of presentation space.

Filmax Cinema Hall by Arquitecturia + AMOO, Barcelona – Spain

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The client seeks a project to straighten up the cinemas by reducing their dimension, optimising their functioning and offering an experience which goes beyond what happens inside the room.

Michelberger Hotel, Room 304 by Sigurd Larsen, Berlin – Germany

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Pure and calm from the outside the many doors and windows reveal a warm wooden interior. Here you find bedroom, sauna and kitchen open to the outside garden.