Abracadabra perfume packaging by Noreste

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We decided to launch our own product, an object intended to become a Christmas present. We developed a line of 7 perfumes with their respective packaging, indulging the senses through a main protagonist, “Alchemy”; where mysticism and magic are verbally and graphically conceptualized throughout the design.

Flormar New Retail Concept by DIAM Group, Istanbul – Turkey

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It’s a space where teenage girls can create their own experiences with their “bestfriends” while connecting to the brand.

Nevka by Art Gluck Design Group, Saint-Petersburg – Russia

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As a conceptual basis, the rhythm of weaving loom’s filaments was taken. Interiors of public spaces in the building have a dynamic composition of intersecting lines. The business center’s navigation and its corporate identity were also made in general style.

DRY Milano restaurant by Vudafieri Saverino Partners, Milano – Italy

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Dry Milano is a pizzeria in which the classical aesthetic codes have been turned upside down: with a non-visible oven, art instead of sports videos, a persistent non-homogeneity between functions and spaces. All aimed at determining a new system of comfort for the relationship between people who meet to enjoy the space, and for the relationships between food, drink and social interaction.

Triumph motorcycle store by Alex Feskov, Moscow – Russia

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Designing the perfect space would be impossible without collecting region-specific insights into customers’ behaviours and understanding what drives a visit to the brand’s store. Customers visit Triumph stores for many different reasons and the fixtures and layout of the new Triumph store designed specifically around these missions.

Santen Pharmaceutical Office by K2 Space, St. Albans – UK

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The colourful and vibrant 2,500 Sq. Ft space is designed to provide staff with a variety of alternate work settings and primarily, a comfortable space where they enjoy working. Having moved from serviced offices, Santen wanted to create a space that reflected their brand values and culture – somewhere to call home.

“New Yuppies” InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun by CCD, Beijing – China

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CCD intended to create a “New Yuppies” style hotel. It is “new” for that typical Yuppies symbolizes the pursuit for positive, confident, calm, gentle and fashionable life, with main colors of black, white and grey.

Zamora Sausages packaging by Makebardo ­

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We worked with our client Zamora to develop a packaging family for their new line of sausages. The value of this product is its premium quality, as the sausages are made from original recipes created by themselves; using natural casing with the best NZ ingredients, whilst also being gluten and dairy-free.

Homeland – Children themed sales center by Karv one, Hefei – China

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This community integrates the residential, senior care and education facilities into the same place. It embodies the combination of Vanke’s vision of designing better living scenarios with urban planning. The end product is a tranquil low-density residence within a bustling neighborhood.

Chiswick Park office by ThirdWay Interiors, London – UK

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Raw finishes give the more creative side of the space an industrial look with a mixture of eclectic, mid-century pieces of furniture, creating a New York loft style space. The corporate side includes sleek finishes such as clean whites, lined details and contemporary finishes to give the space a very slick and professional feel.

Tangchao Wharf restaurant by Weini Design, Zhongzhou / Shenzhen – China

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Taking Teochew culture as design theme, Tangchao Wharf restaurant injects modern elements into the centuries-old tradition of this ethnic group in East Guangdong by blending modern elements into Chinese style design.

Dior store, Berlin – Germany

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The store features a monochrome palette, and is dotted with furnishings made from recycled materials by designer Stefan Leo, and pastel-coloured paintings of artist Jan Kaláb adorn the walls.

Mesón 01 by Hi Estudio

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In this series of design products we made an approach to the tea ceremony drawn from Japanese culture. We made a mixture extracting some elements of Japanese culture to conjugate with a Mexican pre-Hispanic tradition that has marked the gastronomic culture in our country with a drink made from cocoa, chocolate.

ResoLution Signature Restaurant by 3LHD, Rovinj – Croatia

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The design and the atmosphere are based on the recognizable Hotel Lone design with a somewhat modified material repertoire. Smoked oak wood and American walnut discreetly supplement the dominant terazzo floor and lattice ceiling, pointing out that the function of the space, and its character, has changed.

Bookline pop-up store by 81font Architecture & Design, Budapest – Hungary

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The temporary atmosphere of the store is manifested in the dominance of low cost and raw materials and the usage of simple structures, such as pallets and metal shelves fastened by ratchet straps.

Finzzi stand design by VXLAB Branding & design direction at Domotex 2018, Hannover – Germany

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The architecture design of the stand has a clear vertical component due to its impressive 6,5 m height. That verticality was intentionally marked in the product display wall and also in the design of the modular shelving that rises and reaches the ceiling.

Pageant Media office by Derryn Taylor / ThirdWay Interiors, London – UK

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Overall it was essential that the new space offered transparency, movement/flow, fun areas for staff to enjoy, uniqueness, vibrancy, tangible finishes, optimal sights of the 8th floor views.

Nha Trang Canteen by Editecture, Hong Kong

05 February 2018 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

Vibrant, energetic interior decorated in shades of blue and orange appeals to a target audience of young families and teenagers. As they journey deeper into the store, an open kitchen occupies the left while an array of tables sit on the right side, showcasing a dynamic cooking scene.

Teätora store, Tokyo – Japan

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The interior design is an extrapolation from Teätora’s core values, featuring a no-frills aesthetic that’s framed by whitewashed walls and ceiling, and a floor of polished concrete. Furnishings are sparse, comprising mostly of black steel clothing racks and rows of suspended tubular lights that heighten the industrial feel of the space.

Enlisted Design Office by Medium Plenty, Oakland – California

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The concrete bones of the old mercantile building provide layered rhythm & texture, juxtaposed with white planes sliding through the light-filled space. New elements & utilities were carefully choreographed to emphasize the monolithic impact of the newly-exposed structure.