First Stone Showroom by Yatofu Creatives, Helsinki – Finland

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In juxtaposing a modern retail concept with the historic antiquity of amber, First Stone Showroom becomes a space where customers can revel in the experience of browsing a modern high-end jewelry shop, while also reflecting the tone of a cultural “museum-esque” experience.

CareerBuilder Office by Oktra, London – UK

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The main design attractions include the feature timber wall, the luminous textile panels triggered by motion and the network of exposed building services arranged to resemble art on the ceiling. Injections of bright purple, yellow and green were introduced into both the furniture and walls.

Tschumi Pavillion by Academy of Architecture Groningen, The Netherlands

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Our design uses the Tschumi pavilion as a means of projecting the above-mentioned issues. The Hereplein in the city of Groningen is a perfect example of a high-quality urban living area, which isn’t permanently used as such yet.

Louis Vuitton Maison store by Peter Marino, Paris – France

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Being a Louis Vuitton Maison, the brand obviously has pulled out all the stops to turn any shop visit into a highly memorable one, instigating such an experience also through an infusion of art. The luxury house commissioned no less than 21 artworks by a number of leading contemporary artists from around the planet.

Coffee Gator packaging by Tidy Studio

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With striking packaging, snappy animations and a cohesive collection of accompanying branded material, Tidy Studio helped Coffee Gator to secure partnerships with high-profile retailers including John Lewis.

American Brands store by Rack – retail architecture, Medellin – Colombia

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The space is like a public open space, where the approach used is juxtaposing different textures and colors. The main retail space is furnished with custom made pieces for each brand (ltb, Jack & Jones, rifle and different brands for shoes and accessories) that participate in the store.

C. Ellet’s restaurant by Square Feet Studio, Atlanta – Georgia

09 October 2017 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

A modern, Big Easy mood is set by the pearlescent tones and textures of Venetian plaster walls, soft grey marble, silvery mirrors, old wood floors, and zinc, with brass accents and diffuse light through gauzy drapery.

Shimmerwalls’ ‘Mirror Wall’ for Caroline Biss by Shimmerwalls & Stefanie De Hauwere

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Shimmerwalls’ patented ’Mirror Wall’ board system sees laser cut acrylic mirrors replacing the traditional film sequins, allowing for larger and more dramatic glass-like displays of shimmer-as demonstrated in the windows for Caroline Biss, where square mirrors have been used to magnificent and glamorous effect.

Scor Office by AEI Arquitectura e Interiores, Bogotá – Colombia

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Considering the purpose of the company, the team of designers of this project knew that the offices of Scor should represent Confidence, Respect, Calm and Knowledge. These four values were the pillars of the project towards defining the working colors, materials, lighting and typologies.

Hoxton Hotel, Paris – France

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The palette includes lampe gras lamps, woven metal partitions, and classic 1950s materials such as Formica, referencing not only leading french designers such as Jean Prouvé and Mathieu Matégot, but also two important periods in Parisian history: the late 19th Century and the 1950s.

Lifestyle Store of the Future by Greater Group, Tokyo – Japan

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The strong contrast of wooden walls against the sharp concrete flooring represents raw performance. Innovation is also drawn by the mobility of the wooden podiums, which enable smooth transformation from a daily retail store to an event or product launch space, by simply inserting the floor fixtures (product display blocks) into the walls.

SOLLOS at Beautility, Brazilian art + design, London – UK

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Beautility is a special exhibition taking place at the Brazilian Embassy during the London Design Festival. The designers are united by their desire to create works that propose a purpose for art that transcends beauty, and a significance for utilitarian pieces that sustain lifetimes of pleasure.

Light of Hope lamp and packaging by Mitja Schneehage & Michael Wilde

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The designers Mitja Schneehage and Michael Wilde have developed a unique lamp with parts made of burnt forest wood: the design concept »LIGHT OF HOPE«. For this purpose, the concept is to manufacter the carbon filament from charcoal taken from burned rainforest.

Edward Beiner store by MNA, Disney Springs, Orlando – Florida

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Supported on slender posts along the walls, large backlit display boxes of tarnished brass and blackened steel are each topped with picture lights like paintings in a gallery. Each “canvas” is divided into a grid that allows ultimate flexibility in display and subtly equates the product with artwork.

BOY London Store by Sixcorners Studio, Hong Kong

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Orchestrated by various materials like manually-applied concrete-textured paint (a technology empowered by LOTOS Taiwan) gradually composing a symphony of geometric elements was the key to the whole design idea. Perhaps no one locally constituted such a rebel and flipped-over design really, and so we baldly did it.

Bohem La Stazione by Ernesto Pigni, Bergamo – Italy

06 October 2017 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

An avant-garde concept, heart of three different activities: the Flower Boutique, the Coffee Barand the Confectionery Shop, perfectly harmonized with the Pedrali furnishings. The seats, the armchairs, the tables and the outdoor products meet a changing need while respecting the history and the tradition of the place.

Perro Agave mezcal packaging by Saturna Studio

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Perro Agave is more than just a brand, they are an organization committed to distribute and offer PR services to enhance and positioning local and independent brands of Sotol and Mezcal. Organizing clandestine distillates tastings, they take new flavors and experiences to the palate of the Mezcal lovers.

Lego House by BIG, Billund – Denmark

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Everything from experience zones and outdoor areas to our restaurant concepts is based on play and creativity, so no matter what you do in LEGO House, it will have something to do with playing.

GE Healthcare Office by Setter Architects, Haifa – Israel

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We used natural materials and a palette of soft colors to showcase the rich textures, in a dialogue with MRI and CT images on a smaller scale. Our design was inspired by GE’s cutting-edge technology, with its options for seeing the human body’s tissues and layers from the outside.

Vacheron Constantin by BYB Visual Merchandising, Shanghai – China

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A window animation which “story tells” the tradition initiated by François Constantin, the spirit of the Overseas collection and passion for travelling through the photographer Steve McCurry’s eyes.