lR100-Rinascente: Stories of Innovation Exhibition by OMA/AMO, Milan – Italy

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A new exhibition by OMA/AMO, lR100-Rinascente: Stories of Innovation, has officially opened in Milan’s Palazzo Reale. Marking the 100th anniversary of the classic Italian department store, la Rinascente, the exhibition commemorates the company’s long creative history and experimental spirit that has served as an influential part of Italian design, culture and commerce.

Christian Louboutin Summer Pop windows by Studio XAG, Worldwide

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Graphic explosions made from powder-coated steel are combined with shards wrapped in baby blue glitter and vibrantly contrasting coloured vinyl. Amongst an eye-catching colour palette of rich hues, at the centre of each explosion POP!

Starch boutique by Burau, Beirut – Lebanon

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Comprising of a simple construction of five steel bars, x-shaped at either end and connected horizontally, this specific object has been abundantly duplicated to construct an installation, entitled unbounded, that fully transposes its original purpose. No less than 91 steel modules have been pre-assembled and allow endless configurations.

Coa Hamburg restaurant by DiPPOLD, Hamburg – Germany

28 May 2017 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

You can find the two floors area with a beautiful gallery, allowing you a fantastic view all over the place with all its beautiful corners, highlights and the open kitchen. Wall claddings made of old wood, or a bar cladding of corrugated iron as well as the flooring in the look of paving stones intend to act improvised while symbolizing the streets of Hong Kong.

Fortius Clinic lighting by Hoare Lea Lighting, London – UK

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Patients enter through a prominent entrance and attractive period façade. Within the main reception, decorative pendants and concealed lighting details to the desk create a welcoming environment, while a cove detail at high level draws people downstairs to the lower-ground floor space.

KLC chair by Alegre Design for OMP Group

28 May 2017 by Camra’s blog 2 reviews »

The KLC chair for OMP Group is designed to be a multi-purpose and versatile chair, capable of being adapted to all kinds of spaces and fully customisable, so that it fits into any context.

Vacheron Constantin shopwindow by ateliergh, France

28 May 2017 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

Four stars symbolizing the solar, lunar, terrestrial and sidereal universes, whose shapes recall those of watchmaking mechanics. Large Japanese draperies add to the majestic by creating visual backgrounds of reworked space imagery.

Transit restaurant by Portal Architects, Rehovot – Israel

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Shipping ropes add a dramatic nature to the bar area and rusted iron lives alongside oak bars. The design aimed to create general breathing space, openness and bare glances, both inside and out.

Bionic + wireless underwater drone by Robosea

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BIKI can maneuver just about anywhere, and with the use of our trademarked exclusive Robosea algorithm and set in nine-axle sensor, it can keep its balance in the water – allowing BIKI self-stabilization to provide smooth videos and sharp photos through its camera platform.

AYEKA Coworking Office by Setter Architects, Tel Aviv – Israel

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Inspiration for Ayeka’s common spaces came from the encounter between the simultaneously gritty and polished appearance that typifies the complex: the elevators in the entrance wall have impressive wood panels, against the background of a concrete wall dismantled from construction blocks and left in its raw state.

Hand-Laid Brick Feature Wall by 22quadrat, Freising – Germany

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Water-struck brick is made of clay with a high moisture content and plasticity. These bricks have a unique surface texture after firing and are denser than standard bricks, which enhances all of brick’s natural benefits, such as strength, durability, resistance to weather and pests, and thermal mass efficiency.

Mamas & Papas store by Dalziel-Pow, Glasgow – UK

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In a layout zoned into ‘worlds’ based on new parents’ key shopping missions, the popular categories of Baby Fashion, Home, Service, Gifting and Travel are now joined by a Maternity offer.

HKIRC medical center by PAL Design, Hong Kong

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In addition to the honeycomb-like hexagonal lightboxes across its ceiling, the designer recalls the intention to create a forest path with sunlight permeating down through leaves, not dissimilar to the Japanese poetics of komoreb.

Yachtclub Chiemsee by Kitzig Interior Design – Architecture Group, Prien am Chiemsee – Germany

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The bar is covered with canvas, the predominant metal is brass, model ships and photos of significant sailing events decorate the walls. Yet alternating surfaces in stone and wood also reflect on the down-to-earth character of the club. A mobile sofa is reminiscent of a hull.

Stellar by Bruce Mau Design

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Taking visual inspiration from the cosmos, the brand identity and name allude to starry constellations. The word mark includes a dot that echoes both the North Star and a beauty mark. The colors used reflect the inclusive nature of the brand.

CITYPARK shopping mall by JHP, Graz – Austria

26 May 2017 by Camra’s blog 2 reviews »

CITYPARK’s lower ground level has been converted to a young fashion area to attract a younger, more fashion conscious crowd. This was achieved by stocking the floor with crowd pulling modern brands and by adjusting the floor’s look, feel, and lightning.

GOP Piano Bar by Kitzig Interior Design – Architecture Group, Bonn – Germany

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A diversified spatial and ceiling design serves to divide the guest area into various zones that form cosy niches, but can also be used by larger groups. The proposal is rounded off by the Piano Bar – a striking place with an inviting atmosphere, comfortable sofas and snugly armchairs or high tables and barstools, depending on the mood.

Old Mutual Experiential Zone at #OMTOM 2017 by HOTT3D, Cape Town – South Africa

26 May 2017 by Camra’s blog 1 comment »

The annual ultra marathon is billed as one of the worlds most beautiful road races and attracts a large number of entries. The largest running-related expo in the Western Cape attracts over 50 000 visitors over 3 days and showcases the latest in running and fitness equipment and apparel.

Spacepot by Futurefarms

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Branded ‘hydroponics beautifully simplified’ the Spacepot required no pumps, no electricity, and no extra parts to maintain. By mixing space-age technology with cutting edge design, Futurefarms have crafted a planted that delivers all the benefits of hydroponics without any of the maintenance.

Ah-chu ice cream café by Wanderlust, Gimpo – South Korea

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We have focused on creating visually effective counter design as the pick-up zone is considered one of the spaces with frequent guests flow and sale. We created design to make association with a kitchen in which ice cream and churros are made.