CopperMuse Rum packaging by Emrich Office

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We focused on deco-inspired patterns and rich colors. Subtly, this solution still evokes a tropical atmosphere of waves, sunny days, and hot nights.

IronSource new head office by RUST architects, Tel Aviv-Yafo – Israel

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Adjacent to the core and the inner part of each floor, many public functions have been dispersed, the purpose of which is to create a work/life balance while providing space for informal collaboration while not detracting from the routine of the company’s employees.

Luca Faloni – In the Hood pop-up store by Lucky Fox, London – UK

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The purpose of the pop-up, entitled In the Hood, was twofold. Firstly, to work as a gallery space to explore the evolution of style for signature items like the hoodie, the polo shirt and the classic shirt which are synonymous with the menswear brand.

Sushi ichi restaurant by Lee’sDesign INC., Zhongshan District / Taipei – Taiwan

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The cypress unique bar area consists of lively wood grain and shade, portraying the original taste of the ingredients and the customer’s satisfied expressions. Japanese style grate and elegance brings out tranquilization.

Lashtique Eyelashes Studio by Evonil Architecture, Jakarta – Indonesia

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Exterior and interior design heavily insipired by classic interior design, with the touch of gold and marble elements, white-colour detail profiling, clear mirror glass. All of these design elements combine to create a feminine and elegant touch.

La Baignoire Stand Alone Bath by Charles Wan / Alvarae Design Studio

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Amongst the unique pieces created in the Alvarae studio, is the La Baignoire Stand Alone Bath. In a world of traditional white bathrooms, the luxurious ‘La Baignoire’ stand-alone bath has the flexibility to be positioned anywhere in the room.

Unicorn x Basement by Hejidesign, Shenzhen – China

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Connected by floating clothes hangers, the display areas are scattered throughout the center of the store, making it difficult to miss important sections. Shoppers freely move around the store, losing track of time among the displays.

Shiny copper clad BMW R100 R mystic by Vincent Degano

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Vincent Degano first developed an interest in BMW motorcycles from an early age, as his father was a member of the French police and rode them. Today he customizes bikes in a scrambler style due to its relaxed riding position. He decided it was time to try something new and build a café racer, so he chose BMW’s ‘R100 R mystic’ for the job.

Refurbishment of Sogeprom Headquarters by Ateliers 2/3/4/, Courbevoie – France

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Interior double-height “lounges”, facing each of those hanging gardens and all possible associated uses, allow to make a welcomed transparency in the depth of the building and the plot. The play made here on the insertion of roughness allows to organize the building “Ampère e+” by offering it diverse uses and new timescales.

“Breathe it all in” shopwindow for Lululemon by Lucky Fox, London – UK

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Echoing the campaign’s ombre spectrum, Lucky Fox went to work building and installing reflective columns made from two-way mirrors with moving LED lights inset into them, which fill the entire window space. The lights within the mirrors undulate and change colour to reflect the gradient campaign colours.

Crystallized Christmas tree at MIKIMOTO Ginza Main Store by we+, Tokyo – Japan

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The 6-meter-tall Christmas tree was installed between two 2.5-meter-tall trees and all surfaces are covered by urea crystals. In order to achieve this snow-like fine surface, saturated solutions of urea was impregnated in the special paper pasted on clear acrylic and vaporized the moisture to crystallize.

Mazendo restaurant by Lee’sDesign INC., Neihu District / Taipei – Taiwan

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The circle, a representative shape in Chinese culture, is implemented as the façade design. It is symmetrical and neutral; round and borderless; it represents the heavens and holiness. The style is expressed through modern black iron material, intended to portray a natural and outspoken feeling, as if visiting a next door neighbor.

ARTEZA office by arch.funk, Moscow – Russia

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The main accent in the interior has been made on the preserved and restored walls of red brick. All new items and furniture have been designed in white and black colors to visually highlight the red brick in the interior.

Occura eyewear store by Whitespace Ltd, Bangkok – Thailand

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Inside the store, a gallery of eyewear is on display and customers can receive an eye exam in the appealing optometrist examination room that is well-equipped with leading-edge eye care technology.

Black Iron restaurant by Faber Design & Architecture, Leicester – UK

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The space provides a grand setting, with opulent marble columns and high ceilings edged with ornate cornicing. The large sash windows lining the entire front elevation emphasise the sense of scale and provide plenty of natural light.

Adidas Originals SNKR exhibiton & pop-up store by urbantainer, Seoul – Korea

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With the goal of showcasing the philosophy in an intuitive way, this exhibition takes a close look from the revolutionary first EQT sneaker to now, by opening the EQT archives and presenting unique cultural contents to enhance the modes of experience provided by the EQT.

Bar & reception area “Brussels by Night” at Brussels Furniture Fair 2017 by A&B Project

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Inspired by the new graphic style and new logo, the bar and reception area are constructed with wooden slats, creating an open space. This open space is conceived as a patio with a ceiling opening and a green accent in the form of plants.

“Make it Snow” window installation for Topshop by Lucky Fox, London – UK

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Aiming to bring the fun back into Christmas shopping, the interactive installation invited the public to step inside the glass structures within built walkways.

HONEY by Chord beauty salon by co., Akishima / Tokyo – Japan

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It was designed to follow the notion of a cottage. Although each subdivided space has a different plan, there is no complete boundary between the rooms.