It on the Go take away restaurant by Studio Omerta, Athens – Greece

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The white backdrop, the stone counter and flooring, as well as the timber elements on the shelves and ceiling, all aim to project the natural feel that is so scarce within the city but so necessary for our well-being.

Art/Afrique – Le nouvel atelier exhibitions, Paris – France

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The current presentation, entitled Art/Afrique – le Nouvel Atelier, is curated by the venue’s artistic director Suzanne Pagé, and includes two exhibitions and a selection of works from its permanent collection.

Hydrock office by Interaction, Bristol – UK

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The design reflects this ethos as soon as you step into the space, with a living wall and wooden and warm materials to make the space feel homely and welcoming. The breakout area has a large island in the tea point, perfect for team meals and general socialising.

#tipic #italiangestures installations by Tipic at Biffi, Milan – Italy

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A dynamic wall follows us by creating a real light wave. A flexible mirror warps our image bending depending how we move. A window opens up and reveals us what lies beyond. The result is a playful interactive exploration of objects and space around us.

Dion Lee store by Akin Creative, Sydney – Australia

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The space is uncluttered, and is furnished by just two sculptural concrete volumes, one being a display, and the other serving as sales desk, in addition to a wall with shelving at the far end of the store.

The spot store by Modelart Arhitekti + Digital Design Center, Novi Sad and Belgrade – Serbia

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The entrance zone of every store contains a “network” structure made of triangular elements. This structure is a geometric form, made using parametric modeling and digital design tools (CNC processing).

Heng Jih in 1989 restaurant by T.M Design Studio, Taichung – Taiwan

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The interior style is a combination of Asian and western. A large number of French glass windows are incorporated which really lights up the room. Considering this is a commercial space, the materials used here need to be easy to maintain such as wall tiles, stainless steel working surface and cement finish floor.

TBWA – HAKUHODO office by Canuch, Tokyo – Japan

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Working with a color scheme in line with the client’s brand colors and a latent arrangement of elements in their logo, the office layout presents a flat lineup of sharp, light, aluminum desks, arranged so as to stimulate collaboration between planners and designers.

Fittbo – The Ultimate Lunchbox by Alan Alex

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We created Fittbo to be easy to use, make preparing a healthy food a lot easier and to be extremely portable. To be a lunchbox designed from the start for our daily bags that fit things vertically.

Sandeman Meets chocolates packaging by VOLTA | Brand Shaping Studio

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VOLTA designed the packaging for two different “Sandeman meets” projects: Porto wine with Pastéis de Nata (Portuguese custard tarts) and Porto wine with Chocolate (Porto wine filled chocolates).

DENHAM store by Jason Denham and in-house design team, Utrecht – Netherlands

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The iconic DENHAM scissor logo — a symbol of quality and craftsmanship — also appears throughout the interiors. Traditional tailors’ scissors have been repainted in high-gloss white and brass finishes, and bolted to the walls to act as hangers.

The White Tower Gift Shop by Kinnersley Kent Design, London – UK

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The White Tower contains several floors of weaponry and armour and visitors exit via the 900 sq ft gift shop, which sells an incredible 370,000 pieces of merchandise per annum. The brief for the redesign had four key aims: first, to create an exciting and engaging retail experience; secondly, to improve customer flow and circulation; thirdly, to take a sympathetic approach to enhance the natural theatre and character of the building; and fourth and finally to facilitate product merchandising, using individual or grouped product narratives.

Cuesta Blanca Alto Rosario store by Botner – Pecina Arquitectos, Rosario – Argentina

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This Cuesta Blanca experience starts at the facade which screams Luxury and impact to insure any one walking by won’t resist entering the store. The materialization of the facade required a mixture of mediums; brass, glass, mirror and gold led to contrast with the old brickwall of the mall structure.

Nude showroom by Demirden Design, Istanbul – Turkey

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Stepping into the showroom we see natural materials coming together with simple forms in order to build product displays. The display concept that derives from concrete-effected surfaces makes the brand’s “Simple is beautiful” motto livable.

OKIO eyewear boutique by Taller KEN, Guatemala City – Guatemala

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A large circular “oculus” skylight serves to light to the interior complemented by spotlights focused on the merchandise. A custom display bar and cashier stands underneath the skylight at the center of the space.

GAIA Infrastructure Partners Office by Inhouse Brand Architects, Cape Town – South Africa

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The overall result for GAIA is an appealing workspace that enhances the building’s impressive architecture. A seamless blend of industrial and sophisticated aesthetics, rendered in the company’s corporate colours, allows the interior to convey what the company stands for.

Qi Wei Xian Sauces packaging by Unidea Bank

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We chose simple photography to show the fresh ingredients, to evoke consumer’s taste and to also show the gorgeous colors. Eating is both enjoyment and also an art.

Libby’s & Bakery by Keren Offner, Tel Aviv – Israel

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A soft color palette was chosen based on touches of yellow. Black and simple looking tables emphasize a wall covered with wood. Wooden chairs upholstered with different tons of gray contribute to the relaxed yet urban atmosphere.

Dock House by mar.s architects & out of eart.h architecture, Prague – Czech Republic

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The oak furniture wooden elements stand out thanks to monochrome interior, including the gemstone of the restaurant – Dry Ager – where the meat matures.

Office by Reuveni Interior Architects, Tel Aviv – Israel

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The designers used elements such as; “Fish Bone” raw wood floor, silicate brick walls, hanging celling, art and a decorative lighting fixtures creating a perfect combination for a contemporary Tel-Aviv space.