Tasca Celoso by Jorge Bibiloni Studio, Palma de Mallorca – Spain

June 13th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Tasca Celoso is a project based on the expression of the materials that have been used, predominantly wood and stainless steel. The main idea was to merge the esthetics of a traditional Spanish tasca and the more industrial and aseptic lines of a fish market, and this combination influenced the choice of materials used. At Tasca Celoso you can enjoy the best seafood at market prices, and like a fish market the produce and prices vary from day to day. The client´s order number is flashed up on digital screens, another similarity to a typical market.

The space is divided into two areas, separated by the typical macael marble bar, a must in any Spanish tasca. The area behind the bar reflects the traditional tasca, with decorative objects like bottles, glasses, and tins displayed on wood shelves which reach the ceiling and join the stainless steel and digital screens which are the influence of the fish market. Both the wood and the stainless steel elements stretch from floor to ceiling as if they were a second skin, reinforcing the concept. The lines of the shelving and joins of the steel are aligned to offer continuity to the small space.

The lighting in the two spaces is different, in the more traditional area where wood is the main focus, we have apliques of made-to-measure metal with an edison bulb. This lighting is distributed in wood boxes along walls and ceiling creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The lighting of the area where steel is used is completely different, we have used adjustable spotlights that are much colder and technical. They are inside black boxes within the ceiling aligned with the joins in the steel sheets.

The tasca gives an atmosphere of dynamism and bustling activity, and therefore there are no conventional tables but high bars and stools which are occupied constantly by clients as there is a “no reservations” policy. The orders must be placed and picked up at the bar, as there are no waiters serving the tables. There are three openings in the façade, one which acts as a display for the fresh seafood and the other two with a high bar for the clients to sit at. The materials used for the façade are metal, stainless steel and green coloured cement tile, giving an urban and fresh look.

Designed by Jorge Bibiloni Studio
Photography by Art Sanchez

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