Chiara Ferragni Collection showroom by OFF Arch, Milan – Italy

June 10th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Visual harmony is created from the contrasting elements of polished Italian marble and raw béton brut, industrial sensibility combined with clean, modern lines. A compelling conveyance of Chiara Ferragni brand realized in this eponymous showroom by Fabio Ferrillo, founder of Milan-based architecture studio OFF Arch.

Fabio Ferrillo’s architectural vision has shaped spaces internationally, from the luxury shopping experience Runway in Vietnam’s capital city Hanoi, to Chiara Ferragni’s 50’sflavored Pop-up at Le Bon Marché, Paris. The talent of Fabio Ferrillo lies in his ability to create tailored spaces, often highly conceptual and with remarkable degree of sensitivity to the perceptions of participants. It is way, walking into a space with Fabio Ferrillo’s signature represents going through an experience.

Within one of Milan’s famed hidden courtyards, the showroom is a space holding the essence of Chiara Ferragni brand. Fabio Ferrillo strongly represents it with bold and beautiful stone elements together with tactile, rough-finished cement surfaces to express a concept of modern brutalism. The space strikes pleasing contrasts between the polished and the rough, the refined and the raw. Moreover, Chiara Ferragni Collection showroom by Fabio Ferrillo boasts the curation of furniture from masters of design and selected custom pieces. Fabio Ferrillo creates once again a unique experience: the stage for Chiara Ferragni Collection to be displayed and shimmer.

Designed by Fabio Ferrillo / OFF Arch

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