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Paperspace with Studio Grasshopper have completed the design for the Wavemaker offices located in Bangkok, Thailand. Changing from ordinary office environment to activity base workplace is most challenging objective of this project. Taking away 40% of fix workstation and replace with casual seating help transform not only working behaviour but also interior look and feel.

Our client is advertising agency who need fresh, cool and energetic office environment to impress both their client and young generation employees. According to client’s requirement office space is separated into 3 sections encouraging collaboration of these 3 areas shared coffee bar/pantry is located at the centre of the space. Long continuous bar was introduced at the main entrance to link reception area and coffee bar/pantry area this feature help blending public space and private space together. Strong branding reflection without being too obvious is another challenging objective for this project.

Taking name of the company “Wavemaker” as inspiration we create wave like ceiling feature which go thought reception and coffee bar area. Main branding colour; orange is almost hidden away on the edges of the walls and on meeting room’s ceiling. Implying angle of logo which represent wave into design features; walls, ceiling and pattern help tie all spaces together with one design language. Loose furniture choices are sourced out and selected together by management team and designer creating personality like no other places. Mixing up variety of furniture for example in one meeting room there are at least two different chairs help creating homey and casual feeling.

Designer: Paperspace with Studio Grasshopper
Design Team: Sombat Ngamchalermsak, Napong Kulangkul
Contractor: Yoo Hui
Photography: V Photography

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