Daylesford flexible display by The Marketing Works, London – UK

May 29th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Daylesford, known for their award winning organic firm and form shops, were looking to repurpose a shelved area in the basement of their garden and homeware shop. The brief was simple – create a flexible, eye-catching display. After meeting with the team and discussing the options available, we installed one of our most innovative display systems that met the brief perfectly, Magnetik. As the name suggests, Magnetik combines adjustable magnetic shelf clamps, which mount onto vertical tracks that integrate into the display itself, and a printed fabric graphic that cleverly disguise the brackets.

The ingenuity of the Magnetik system means it can be endlessly reconfigured by simply removing the magnetically attached shelf and tension fabric graphic, before adjusting the position of the magnets. Once repositioned, the fabric is easily pushed back into a channel on the frame, and each shelf snaps into place, creating the appearance of a floating product display. Designed to attract attention in retail spaces, Magnetik integrates into a 65mm deep LED Lightbox, for maximum impact in-store. With the ability to create custom Daylesfordʼs first display is based on their Cosmos range of herb and botanical-based organic hand care, which as you can see from the images, looks incredible. Weʼre looking forward to seeing what Daylesford do with their new display system next!

Designed by The Marketing Works
Photography by Tom Sebastiano

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