Giorgio jewelry store by Maria Reizi, Alexandroupolis – Greece

May 15th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

The jewelry store, designed by architect Maria Reizi, is located in the central part of the city of Alexandroupolis. The aim of the renovation study was to create a modern, timeless and functional space for the owner and visitors, as well as a space for the promotion of the goods in a museum way for their placement and lighting. The design of the central morphological idea is the reflections created by the diamond, depicted as recesses or protrusions in space, faces and surfaces, as the basic lines of design and integration of the volumes, facades, inner expansions and materials of the space.

Dark shades were selected in combination with the colors of copper and walnut. Copper is used in linear aerial decorative elements that create contrasts with balance and shine as intensity in intentional dark space. The study of lighting was made in order to highlight all these elements and give a “dramatic” atmosphere with museum lighting in the showcases and with lower intensity general lighting.

The store has distinct boundaries in the operating areas where at the entrance the two sides of the shop are the customer service and the product display area, and then in the background a space of minimum dimensions has been created which refers to a museum showroom so that the visitor can see seasonal merchandise and what will be most popular. In the loft a personal service area was created for specific cases that have a visual contact with the rest of the store through the glass slide of the guard rail.

Designed by Maria Reizi
Photography by Iraklis Rigas

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