Pokrovka 6 Hotel by Ptizzaryba, Moscow – Russia

February 13th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Pokrovka 6 Hotel occupies an attic with oddly angled roof and walls in a historic Moscow building. The client desired to maximize the number of guest rooms without sacrificing comfort. With that in mind Ptizzaryba transformed this U-shaped 600 sqm attic into 30 rooms and small but cozy common areas.

The hotel is located in the vibrant Basmannyj district, known for its night life and proximity to sights and landmarks. Siberian pine plywood custom-built furniture nods to the local traditional building material. Stumps of birch tree, still ingrained in Russia’s culture, are used as bedside tables.

A stripped-down aesthetic and a palette of bright hues allude to works of Russian avant-garde artists. This motif is further elaborated through interplay of ceiling slopes and geometric wall treatments. Soviet era light fixtures, furniture, and tiles, all sourced by Pastcode continue the theme of Russia’s 20th century heritage.

Our approach was to balance Russia’s industrial past with the warmth of natural materials. Each room is curated with a unique combination of colour, shape, vintage finds, and original artworks. Pokrovka 6 blends local culture with present-day comfort providing its guests with an abode to experience both the rich history of Moscow and its contemporary vibe.

Design: Ptizzaryba
Photography: Vika Bogorodskaya

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