Ahmadi Hyper by Dina Group, Rasht – Iran

February 12th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

A while ago, in a city not too far from the capital of Iran, you could still see the old traditional markets. Sellers shouting to sell fresh fish, vegetables, fruits and…., but you could feel the city craving for a change. A file dropped on our table just about then; a proposal for a 6,800 sqm hypermarket in Rasht. Dina once again was chosen to be a part of a change; to create a modern market in a traditional city.

Our designers sat the natural elements of the environment around Rasht as their design inspiration. The green decorative light box, wooden flooring, mixed with the professional natural lighting system installed makes the hyper feeling like home for the people in the area. The equipment Dina gave the hypermarket were chosen in a way so that they fade away within products and the totality of the complex.

Design: Dina Group
Photography: Retail Iran

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