Queens Flagship Store by Boris Klimek and Lenka Damová, Prague – Czech Republic

February 9th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Since 2003, Queens has become the largest sneakers and streetwear shop in Czech and Slovak Republic providing the hottest trends and inspiration. So far Queens has three branches, eshop of 7,000 items, warehouse of 1250 m2 and top customer care. Now it has opened a brand new Queens Flagship Store in Prague, Czech Republic. The location is just great, right in the heart of the city with traffic around 3 000 people per day. Thanks to Queens this place is becoming a new center of streetwear fashion.

Queens Flagship Store area is over 200 m2. The daylight comes though 6 windows offering great advertising opportunity. The interior is made by famous Czech designers Lenka Damová and Boris Klimek. They created light, spacey, slightly industrial and highly functional venue where the customers feel good. They worked with premium materials only and added some signature pieces: solitaire clothing stands looking like oversized shopping bags and tables in the form of shoe boxes. The store is also technically equipped to host a variety of events (pop-up sales, releases, concerts).

Design: Boris Klimek and Lenka Damová
Photography: Martin Chum

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