Nevka by Art Gluck Design Group, Saint-Petersburg – Russia

February 7th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

The project represents a reconstruction of 19th-century cotton mill’s building. The first task to be undertaken in designing was finding a trade-off decision, taking into account historical features of the building and necessary functionality of contemporary business center. The project was implemented in 2017.

As a conceptual basis, the rhythm of weaving loom’s filaments was taken. Interiors of public spaces in the building have a dynamic composition of intersecting lines. The business center’s navigation and its corporate identity were also made in general style. Many pieces of furniture and illumination are made according to individual drafts.

Multipurpose flat roofing represents a terrace, equipped with glass windshield. This was necessary due to the proximity of the building to a quay. In addition to interior solutions in the building, an enhancement of adjacent area and façade lightening’s system was made.

At the entrance, there is a small bicycle parking, while vehicle area is marked with lighter granite modules. Fence construction defends against traffic and road refuses with the aid of repeating lamellas, rotated at 45° angle. This provides a perfect area view without disturbing historical façade.

Design: Art Gluck Design Group
Photography: Dmitriy Tsyrencshikov

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