Bookline pop-up store by 81font Architecture & Design, Budapest – Hungary

February 5th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

To bring a little excitement into the Christmas shopping season, the renowned Hungarian online bookstore Bookline teamed up with 81font Architecture & Design to create a unique pop-up store in Budapest. The temporary atmosphere of the store is manifested in the dominance of low cost and raw materials (OSB, Heraklith, polycarbonate), and the usage of simple structures, such as pallets and metal shelves fastened by ratchet straps.

However, the rough textures and finishes are compensated with the ingenious usage of Bookline’s vibrant green color; not only painted on the concrete floor and projected on the OSB walls, but also appearing in small details, such as the ratchet straps and the titles of the thematic books.

Design: Péter Szendrő + Balázs Hudy / 81font Architecture & Design
Photography: Dömölky Dániel

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