“Game” window installation by Shigeki Fujishiro at Hermès store, Tokyo – Japan

January 30th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

The high-end boutique jungle of Tokyo’s Ginza district is overwhelming on more than one level, even to the most jaded of shoppers. The sheer volume and diversity of luxury brands is rivalled by only very few other shopping zones across the Planet, and as such it’s difficult to stand out. But not for Hermès. The Paris-based luxury arrived in the land of the rising sun in the 1980s, and has carefully built a luxury cult image that resonates to this every day. Not surprisingly, the brand’s Japan headquarters and flagship store is located in this neighbourhood.

As its most important showcase in the country, the store has become known for its evocative window installations, such as the current one, simply entitled Game, by Shigeki Fujishiro. The Tokyo-based product designer adheres to this year’s theme Play Play Playful Life, and created nifty pinball games, comprising of colourful wooden elements, moving balls, and obviously adorned by Hermès merchandise, it’s a dynamic sight to behold for both shoppers and anyone passing by [on through mar 13].

Design: Shigeki Fujishiro
Photography: Satoshi Asakawa


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