Shoestock store by CAST Arquitetura, Sao Paulo – Brazil

January 29th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Shoestock is a famous shoe brand, part of the largest e-commerce sporting goods in Latin America. With an immense variety of products,the flagship concept, developed by CAST Arquitetura, sought to unite the physical store’s shopping experience with the technology and convenience of online shopping, as well as providing a warm environment, such as inside the dream closet.

The shopping experience was possible by translating technology and web personalization to the complete shopping experience. In addition to the self-service, which is Shoestock brand, the customer can also choose to consult with a salesperson, and customize their shoes and accessories, complete the look with clothing items, do hair and makeup and finish drinking great coffee at the charming Vanilla Café. Treatment from head to toe!

Backed by the expertise of the Netshoe’s Group, it was possible to deploy the omni-channel in the store, where the customer can have all the variety of the online store inside the physical store. The customer can choose to be served and finalize the purchase without standing in a line-up, can try and buy at the store, but have it delivered at home and can still choose and buy through the site and pick-up or exchange the product directly in the store.

This way you can increase the possibilities at the time of purchase by adjusting to the specific needs. Altogether, warmer materials such as wood, wallpaper, carpets and fabrics were chosen to characterize a more welcoming environment. For women’s spaces, lighter shades were chosen in different shades of “skin tones” and different textures, and in the men’s “shoes room” the darker shades and use of natural textures such as leather, metal and brick are predominated.

To emphasize the beauty area inside the store the option was to use the contrast of black and white, with materials of “greater cleaning properties” due to the nature of the space, and for the coffee shop also were used more modern shades mixed with details in wood and some “nude” shades from inside the store.

Design: CAST Arquitetura
Photography: Douglas Daniel

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