Covered Torso by Hans Boodt Mannequins

January 11th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

International mannequin designer and producer Hans Boodt Mannequins is on a mission to constantly take the extraordinary world of fashion a stylish step further. That’s what they will do once again by presenting their Covered Torso collection. Hans Boodt Mannequins can be as individual as real people.

All elements that make up the Covered Torso collection are totally interchangeable in order to create precisely the character you like. Hans Boodt Mannequins adds their dash of Dutch innovation and creativity to make any product uniquely your own. Articulated flexible arms can be put into virtually any position so you can create a wide range of natural poses and give mannequins more character than ever before.

Creating characters is our specialty, it’s what we love and what we do best. Pick any fabric, stitching, color and shape you like and we will create your own unique character that fits perfectly in your retail environment. The possibilities are endless.

Design: Hans Boodt Mannequins
Photography: Jurgen Jacob Lodder

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