Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz Office by FOX Architects, Washington DC

January 8th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

FOX Architects have designed the offices for law firm Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz located in Washington DC. Wilkinson Walsh + Eskovitz (WWE) was looking for a modern and timeless aesthetic for their new office. A boutique law firm, WWE has a reputation in the market for being cutting-edge and practicing high-stakes litigation. Their new office had to step away from the traditional law firm aesthetic to embody their unique culture.

Our team exchanged traditional solid wood walls and crown molding for all glass fronts with black trim to create a timeless, yet relevant look that defines WWE’s progressive culture. This open and bright environment creates a multi-layered space that encourages employees and guests to enjoy all areas of the office.

Smaller offices permit more work lounges, huddle spaces and a variety of meeting areas to be interspersed throughout the office. Entering the space, clients and potential recruits alike are immersed in WWE’s progressive approach to client service. By substituting the traditional law firm aesthetic with a sleek, timeless appeal their new office creates an atmosphere unique to WWE’s progressive culture.

Designer: FOX Architects
Photography: Ron Blunt


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