NEERUS – Next Gen Indian Ethnic store by FRDC, Mumbai – India

January 8th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Neeru’s is a renowned family brand led by women’s wear. The large format store is a first time representation in its new avatar for Brand entering for Urban Lifestyle catering to Modern Women. Presenting urbanized ethnic wear; Indian wear with modern designs. The concept is to embrace the Indian ethos, and yet provide an experience for today’s modern age customers. The store design embodies ‘athlethnic’ style- a transfusion of ‘Athleisure’ and ‘Ethnicity’. Inspired by traditional Indian courtyard house, the central space is created like an anchoring space around which all other spaces are laid out.

This central space is Kids area. The inside layout is transitional in nature providing spatial experience from one category to another while still keeping the overall experience intact. The younger section called Bedesi, not only has a slim style, it takes subtle inspiration from cubism. It has an accent differentiated dark ceiling that provides a very volumetric dimension to the section. The ceiling has been articulated with concentric and concentric overlapping rings inspired by adornments of Indian women such as necklaces, bangles, waist-belts, etc., that usually wraps around the body in a circular shape.

VM strategy is to celebrate each section in its grandeour and provide a celebrity mood to customers. Use of polished colour Metal as overall display attitude and Ceiling inspired from ‘Necklace’ and ‘bangles’ transform overall space and each material transforms in itself. 3D art inspired from origami and drapes an sheer all provide an ambience of Women hood and celebration. The entry portal is designed to welcome with a bold signage and an under-lit extended canopy of an Indian motif which symbolizes Neeru’s as an Indian brand. The entry not only breaks clutter within Mall, but it also becomes symbolic of the Brand and a connection with the customer.

Design: Rakhee B, Aarushi B, Apoorva M, Swathi G / FRDC

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