aLL festive window by Future Lifestyle Fashion, Pan – India

January 8th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Breaking away from a traditional approach, this festive season, “The Plus size fashion brand – aLL” “a Little Larger” enthused customers in the stores with stencil cut rich golden flowers with a dash of vibrant festive red creating a 3D look portraying the significance of Shakti (the energy) in a celestial form.

The concept evolved from the process of pollination – evolution of life from the matter. As the wind/energy spreads pollens; it then evolves into a flower celebrating life from the matter. It’s every single petal pulsating life in its 3-dimensional form creating the musical-visual harmony sends a ceremonial vibration in the entire space.

This perfectly epitomizes the Diwali festive moods in the window, wherein the acrylic lamps suspended lit like the pollen tubes and blooming flowers in the festive color gold symbolizing prosperity and richness with the color red within for love and happiness.

Design: Future Lifestyle Fashion
Photography: Internal

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