The Atelier Relaxium by Aviator Denmark in Terminal 2 of the Copenhagen Airport, Denmark

January 5th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Somewhere over the rainbow – you’re on a flight departing from CPH. But before you do, the new airport lounge can let you relax in it first. The Atelier Relaxium designed by Aviator Denmark in Terminal 2 of the Copenhagen Airport features Normann Copenhagen’s colourful designs throughout the space. The multicoloured oasis offers guests unique private and social experiences. The lounge allows guests to respond to the stress and anxiety that tends to precede a flight by choosing a colour scheme to fit their mood.

The lounge shifts gradually through the entire spectrum of colours, with matching Normann Copenhagen furniture and finishes. Feeling jet-lagged? Get energized in the fire-engine red Rope sofa. Nervous flyer? Perhaps the mesmerizing ultramarine Form chair will help soothe your anxiety. From sunny yellow to deep blue, the lounge has a shade and hue to complement every situation and mood. It is no secret that colour has the power to influence our emotions and behaviour.

Subconscious associations between colours and memories can evoke certain behaviours and emotions. Different personal meanings and cultural backgrounds mean that colour is a far from universal language, but Normann Copenhagen and Aviator Denmark’s designs address the importance of colour by offering the full spectrum in the Atelier Relaxium. What better place to support a diversity of physical and emotional comfort and wellbeing than a universal airport?

Design: Aviator Denmark
Photography: Normann Copenhagen

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    this is very unique and very nice ever i loved that thing ,

    what a nice color combination you have used here ?

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