Sushi ichi restaurant by Lee’sDesign INC., Zhongshan District / Taipei – Taiwan

January 3rd, 2018 by Camra’s blog

The busy streets in Taipei reveal looming lights. Instead of splendid decoration and gorgeous appearance, the insistent attitude and the skills passed down by the expert is the first thing you shall see. With the passion and sincerity of the expert, we experience another abundant journey.

The cypress unique bar area consists of lively wood grain and shade, portraying the original taste of the ingredients and the customer’s satisfied expressions. Japanese style grate and elegance brings out tranquilization.

The menu-free cuisine provides the warmth feeling of home. It provides an additional limit-free space in the busy city of Taipei. The free-style display of the retro cabinet blends with the ageing charm, just like the nature and calmness of our own homes.

Design: Lee’sDesign INC.
Photography: KU Photography Studio

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