“Breathe it all in” shopwindow for Lululemon by Lucky Fox, London – UK

January 2nd, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Seeking to contradict traditional Christmas windows schemes, and stop shoppers in their tracks, Lululemon challenged Lucky Fox with designing and installing a modern and forward-thinking scheme for their Christmas campaign, “Breathe it all in”. The concept was intended to remind Lululemon guests to find a break amid the chaos leading up to Christmas and to breathe into the joy, connection and calm of the holiday season.

The campaign features an array of colours used to represent calming and positive emotions in a palette of gradient colours. Echoing the campaign’s ombre spectrum, Lucky Fox went to work building and installing reflective columns made from two-way mirrors with moving LED lights inset into them, which fill the entire window space. The lights within the mirrors undulate and change colour to reflect the gradient campaign colours.

The resulting illusion of an ombre light show works to catch the eye of passers-by and contrasts against the reflective black glittered floor and walls. Encouraging customers to interact with the scheme, sensors applied to the glass using conductive ink trigger the mirrored posts to change colour and pattern by placing their hands on the window. Displaying key pieces from the brand’s collection are dynamic and jumping mannequins, suspended in the air to give the illusion of them in action.

Design: Lucky Fox

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