“Make it Snow” window installation for Topshop by Lucky Fox, London – UK

January 1st, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Lucky Fox has worked with Topshop and Topman to transform their flagship London windows into an interactive customer experience for Christmas 2017. Aiming to bring the fun back into Christmas shopping, the interactive installation invited the public to step inside the glass structures within built walkways.

Thanks to sensor technology, shoppers entering the glass cubes were met with a chiming soundtrack, a heady pine scent, mannequins and falling snow as if entering a modern day Narnia!

The season’s most-wanted seasonal outfits on beautiful renovated mannequins from Topshop and Topman stood on ice-white illuminated plinths. The setting was completed by window vinyls displaying the campaign name “MAKE IT SNOW”, and the #TOPSHOPWISH #TOPMANWISH hashtags for selfie sharing.

Design: Lucky Fox

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