100 Colors to Christmas installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux, Tokyo – Japan

December 29th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Red, green, silver and gold – Christmas steps out of this limited palette with the latest installation in Emmanuelle Moureaux’s 100 Colors series. Located in the atrium of shopping centre Omotesando Hills and spanning multiple storeys, Moureaux incorporates illumination in 100 Colors – immersive works involving paper shapes in 100 colours – for the first time.

In celebration of the festive season, a series of folded paper lanterns sweep through the space of over 13 metres in height, making a colourful forest you can admire from different levels. Reindeer and holiday wishes are hidden amongst the lanterns – a favourite way of Moureaux’s to invite exploration and keep our attention.

At the base is a large cool-blue paper Christmas tree with miniature ‘trees’ cascading down the space in a congregation around it. The abstract forest is a welcome departure from the typical shopping-centre Christmas wonderland, evoking the joy of the winter holidays in a fashion that feels familiar in the context of Asia’s lantern festivals.

Every half-hour, the installation mesmerizes Omotesando Hills visitors with a special light show for about three minutes, in a dance of colours, music and light. The combination of a beautiful design and dynamic performance results in an immersive and exhilarating display.

It’s a fact that brands must create an impact to stay relevant in this day and age – transcending mere product to provide an experience and a spectacle. The installation stays true to this trend in retail design, as part of the growing discourse around how a physical space can still entice Christmas shoppers and visitors with an experience that isn’t available online.

Design: Emmanuelle Moureaux


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