ii poke restaurants by Metica Retail Thinking, Madrid – Spain

December 20th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Metica Retail Thinking accepted the challenge to create a new chain of restaurants based around a new and exotic dish unknown in Spain – the melting pot of world cuisine. The dish is the poke, a Hawaiian original experience and flavor that combines macerated fish, rice and toppings with different sauces, and it is defined as a healthy, tasty and exotic alternative to fast food.

The objective was to design the total experience: from the original new brand to the retail concept designed to connect with an urban target with digital-delivery habits and take-away mentality. The first step was to create a new identity together with Pan Identity, branding consultants who managed to provide values, naming, image and a full visual identity for a new food concept: ii hawaiian urban poke was born.

Once ii poke sees the light, Metica together with Malka+Portus Arquitectos and Aureolighting interpreted, designed and applied innovative retail thinking processes, based on design thinking approach, to create and develop two physical spaces and experiences in Madrid. Both restaurants express physically the identity and personality of ii poke creating a new experience and contemporary vision for a new brand and chain of restoration.

Design: Metica Retail Thinking

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