Commonwealth store, Los Angeles – California

December 16th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Renowned in the inner circles of youth culture, Omar Quiambao is a creative director who’s inextricably linked to urban trends for the past twenty years, honing his skills at a string of leading global brands, companies, publications, and also with top musicians. Quimbao also co-founded Commonwealth, a multi-brand store with branches in Virginia Beach, Washington D.C. and Manila. The chain has helped build a community of individuals with diverse interests, and has exposed its patrons and friends to recognized artists, designers and photographers. And now, Quiambao has shifted his focus on Los Angeles, opening his fourth outpost in the city’s buzzing Downtown district.

It’s housed in a lofty, hangar-like structure, and measures 1,500 sq.ft. of retail space. Compatible with the building’s original architectural features, the interior design has an industrial edge, and features a floor of large concrete tiles, a ceiling of exposed beams, and suspended steel clothing racks. A gallery space is situated at the front, anchoring its position in L.A.’s urban scene. The new Commonwealth outpost serves as its U.S. flagship and will showcase brands that fulfill the demand for new and established street, fashion and sportswear for the eclectic, creative community of downtown Los Angeles. The store’s brand list currently includes labels such as Wacko Maria, Second / Layer, Adidas, Pleasures, and Padmore & Barnes.

Photography: Roy Macam

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