Hand iin made with craftsmanship by iks design, Taichung City – Taiwan

December 15th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

A specialty shop in Taichung City, Taiwan. Its main commodities are bags made by Japanese artisans. This project began with the desire of a Taiwanese client to have a Japanese designer for a shop selling Japanese products. The commodities are bags with sophisticated and fashionable designs from Japan, made by a few Japanese brands, rather than traditional Japanese-style bags.

Therefore, the shop did not have an excessively eccentric design. With an interior design providing a warm and soft impression, such as brick-style tiles, oak shelves, and white coated countertops, any products can fit into the shop.

To provide a better understanding of craftsman products, a workshop space was made on the second floor for making leather goods, such as key cases. In contrast to the first floor, factory elements were enhanced, including display shelves resembling stepladders, and industrial lighting.

Design and photography: iks design

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