Enter PLUS seating system for Lapalma at IMM 2018

December 15th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

The future is here and bets on interchangeable areas: home or office? Hybrid spaces are recognized as the established new model to meet the latest needs of people with mobility and eclecticism as their way of life. Home, office and hotel talk together in perfect harmony with the new working habits for people always connected and active all day and even while travelling. While the hotels begin to offer working spaces and the offices re-configure themselves to give more comfortable zones, homes become smart: open, comfortable, re-configurable if necessary. New scenarios that need modular systems, integrated, accessorized and, last but not least, comfortable. Enter PLUS, the new seating system by Francesco Rota, that stands out with its softened shapes and a free combination of elements.

Comprising three seats shapes (square, rectangular and round-ended to match the SCREEN partition by Francesco Rota), backrests of two different lengths, an armrest and a comfortable table, also placed between one seat and another, available with top in hpl Fenix® or wood where a power supply can be inserted to charge smart phones, tablets and notebooks. PLUS can also be the classic sofa for a home, with various elements to be combined like ottomans. Playing with the many permutations offered by this seating system, PLUS offers the widest and easiest configuration possibilities, for a sober and elegant proposal characterized by comfort, in full Lapalma style.

Design: Lapalma

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  1. vishal says:

    i am planning to buy a sofa but was really confused regarding the comfort of sofas for my family. thank you for the blog, i loved reading it.

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