Løgismose ILLUM by Jensen Retail Group, Copenhagen – Denmark

December 14th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

This September, Jensen Retail Group created a concept containing a three-in-one experience at Illum, Copenhagen for Løgismose – an elegant hybrid between a gourmet grocery store, a wine shop and an eatery. Imagine a fusion of an unpretentious French bistro and the food’s well-organized colonial room. Or that the wine enthusiast’s warehouse has been moved into an elegant Parisian library. It can be hard to find the right words to describe Løgismose’s new gourmet universe on top of Illum – a combination of gourmet grocery store, wine shop and eatery.

The three-in-one concept with both a gourmet grocery store, a wine shop and an eatery in the same store naturally made special demands on both the visual design of the inventory – and the way costumers and guests are led through the store. In other words, it has been important to create an inventory that discreetly emphasises the functionality, so that the store seems like a coherent universe, despite different areas and experiences. Creative Director, Thomas Jensen, explains: “We wanted to create a wine storage-vibe with simple shelves in wood and steel, and industrial lamps – but with small details for an aesthetic boost.

The gourmet grocery store’s shelves are very simple in grey steel, but they also come with an elegant twist which supports the thoroughness and quality underlying the selection of the gourmet goods listed on them.” The wine shop and the gourmet grocery store is what the costumers meets first, but via the light from a large window at the back at the store, you will find a french inspired eatery. Here, one can take a seat in the light Thonet chairs, which plays with the French café reference and creates a nice contrast to the stuffed colonial shelves.

Thomas Jensen says: “This is not a classic restaurant, but more like a small eatery where you have to go to the desk to order yourself and carry down with you. It is not the thought, that this is a place where you hang out for hours – and that is why the seating furniture is a mix between a bench and a sofa. There is rotation in the room, which the design supports, and we have been thinking a lot about way finding with clear signs around the different areas. The costumers should be able to quickly orientate one self and navigate easily through the store, regardless of what one’s hungry for, and how much one knows about gourmet delicacies and wines.”

Jensen Retail’s three-in-one concept is both elegant, simple and functional, and is focusing on leading the costumers quickly and easily around the store. It has been a clear goal to emphasise the simplicity of the concept by dragging the gourmet goods and the good taste all the way to the front. Here has Løgismose’s core values, where the love for the good meal precedes everything else, and where the staging never has to overdo the taste itself, been interpreted in an elegant hybrid between a gourmet grocery store, wine shop and seductive French bistro. An appetising three-in-one concept that appeals to all the senses.

Design: Jensen Retail Group
Photography: Magnus Omme

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