The Making of a Forest – Exhibition Architecture by Mjölk architekti, Prague – Czech Republic

December 13th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

It all started in May 2016. A forestry company called us with a request for a new visual presentation. The company needed a new website. In June, we designed a concept to create new photos, graphic identity, web presentation, and text content.

We composed and led a stellar team of creative professionals, and in a year Kloboucká lesní dressed in a new coat. During one year, we photographed all areas associated with forest management, understood and described the path of wood from “seed to plate”.

We stood at the birth of the new logo and whole, in the field of absolutely unique, graphic identity (by Lenka Micolova). We were at the origin of a creative website (by Creative Nights) filled with the right content (by Obsahová agentura).

In January 2017, we began to flirt with a bold idea of presenting the entire project in the form of an exhibition. With the great support of Mjölk architects, Kloboucká Lesní and National Agricultural Museum in Prague, the 700-square-meter exhibition entitled The Making of a Forest was created, showing the general issue of forest management.

The Making of a Forest has brought together experts from the field of forestry with good architecture and photography. The exhibition opens the topic of forest management to the professionals and to the public.

Design: Mjölk architekti
Photography: BoysPlayNice

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