338 Quien’s Road office by Beige Design Ltd, Hong Kong

December 13th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

This top-floor office is located in a prime spot in Sheung Wan, occupying a prestigious space that combines two separate units and lift lobby. The open-plan interior design and floor-to-ceiling windows give a panoramic view of the city that almost feels like London’s central business district. Exclusively for the Group’s chairman, this provides a space where he can work and receive guests, while also creating a place for his extensive collection of wine and antique.

Facing the lift, the elevator lobby acts like a grand entrance, while a mini reception area rests at the far end of the corridor. The office has been divided into clearly defined work and leisure areas, however interaction is encouraged thanks to the open-plan design. At one end of the space, a cigar room comes fully equipped with an automatic sliding door, creating a sense of privacy.

Throughout the office, a classic British style prevails, however a modern twist has been added thanks to the use of a wide range of rich materials such as marble, wood, glass and metal. Classic chevron wooden flooring lies underfoot, blending into the wall, while the colour scheme revolves around light wood, creating a sense of harmony and warmth. Accessorised with perfect accents of champagne-gold metal, a modern touch has been added through the peacock blue fabrics and stripe patterns on the furniture and rugs. Further enhancing the creative side of the design, each corner is blessed with a stunning work of art.

Design: Beige Design Ltd
Photography: Ulso Tsang Name

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