Sir Ovenn Bakery by Shark&Shark, Shanghai – China

December 12th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Shanghai based studio Shark&Shark has turned a corner shop into a cozy cheerful bakery. Repainted golden color facade makes Sir Ovenn Bakery stands out from common shopfront of its neighbors. Brand colors white, black and gold find their balance in interior space. Jumping triangles on counter and flooring are cut from black square tiles. Halos from hairline finish brass gives a warm and savoury ambience to the space.

Kitchen on the entrance level has taken a significant area. Double-layered textured glazings are used for partition, for its semi-transparent effect eliminates the feeling of restrictiveness of the space. At the meanwhile, artisanal baking activities in the kitchen could be viewed from outside by customers. Several bar seats are placed along facade glazing for convenient use.

An eye-catching feature staircase invites customers approaching dining area on upper level, a mezzanine on top of kitchen area. Platform edge of upper floor takes the concept of Japanese engawa, which forms an infinite and in-between space. Metal mesh barricade is done as invisible as possible, freeing the spatial communication between upper and lower floors.

Design: Shark&Shark
Photography: PD

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