V&M Showroom by Shark&Shark, Shanghai – China

December 11th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Shanghai based design studio Shark&Shark has finished a showroom for men’s fashion brand V&M. The design concept is to play with architectural materials in a way fashion industry deals with fabric. Copper sheets are laser cut in a pattern that allows freeform rebuild, and connected into larger piece by rivets. The final sheet simulates a solidified moment of fabric movement, playing as background wall at the entrance, with brass rivets composing brand logo at the center.

The showroom is located in a high-rise building. A full facade of polycarbonate panels is placed in front of the glazing, blocking the chaos outside. The interior space becomes pure and simple, with soften sunlight suitable for product display. Shelf holders and door handle are fabricated by twisting and folding copper plates, which gives a soft and continuous appearance, as well as smooth and comfortable tactile sensation.

Design: Shark&Shark
Photography: PD

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