Amical Cafe – Bistro by Lab4 architects, Larissa – Greece

December 7th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

“Amical Cafe – Bistro” is a modern style French Bistro which sells coffee blends, chocolate beverages, French dishes and New York sweets. “Friedly” in English, Amical is a place to meet, enjoy the aperitifs and socialize. This store is the beginning of a new chain store which gives emphasis in high quality products through a dynamic branding identity.

The interior design was undertaken by Harris Souliotis and Georgios Gougoulakis while the branding design was created by Bill Pappas. The concept design makes a reference to traditional Parisian bistros of 20’s in combination with chic style features which create a mostly contemporary result full of “story narrations”. The basic materials which are used within design are white chevron tile, oak wood, chess tiles and colors such as pale beige, vivid turquoise, white and red – Bordeaux.

Minimal lines and fonts give a chic sense coming to a creative antithesis with vintage decorative features, such as framed pictures, mirrors and clocks. The logo portrays a filter coffee cup and a vintage French hat, referring to the most usual and loving habit of French people, coffee! Something which was used to be and still remains more than a product, but a means of socialization.

Design: Lab4 architects
Photography: Chloe Pissa

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