Matthew&Joelle’s Toy Kingdom Play by MILESEUM, Goyang – South Korea

March 6th, 2018 by Camra’s blog

Located inside Starfield Goyang, Toy Kingdom Play started welcoming visitors in August 2017. Emart’s Brand Strategy Team led the branding and creative directing, and partnered with MILESEUM in the design efforts. Being the first ever kids’park launched by Emart, the venue is a unique and eccentric kids’ play park that accommodates diverse contents, play facilities and F&B stores in an area of 3,420 sq.m. The contents include six playful activities critical to a child’s development: Object Play, Social Attunement Play, Creative Play, Pretend Play, Body & Movement Play, and Discovery & Sense Play. Each zone is of a unique design, and encourages children to choose and try for themselves. This sets the venue apart from similar facilities witnessed previously.

Conceptualized under the theme ‘Play Voyage,’ Toy Kingdom brings to life the fairytale of ‘4 Toy Kingdom characters embarking on a journey to the world of toys away from their everyday life.’ Children begin their journey to toy wonderland once they pass the gate guarded by toy soldiers Matthew and Joel, and reach the train station.

The experience zone is divided into 3 sections, each with different concepts. The first is a cozy village comprised of PLAY FACTORY, LITTLE SOCIETY, ART GROUND, ART WORKSHOP and MAGIC CHANGE STUDIO. A combination of narrow alleys and spacious squares provides an exciting experience.

PLAY FACTORY offers children ‘object play’ to assemble various toy parts and customize personal toys. In the virtual world of LITTLE SOCIETY ruled by children, children engage in ‘Social Attunement Play,’ experiencing a blend of an imaginary world and real life.

At ART GROUND and ART WORKSHOP, children can try ‘Creative Play’ with various materials and products, while at MAGIC CHANGE STUDIO, they are given a chance to realize their ultimate fantasy through ‘Pretend Play’ by becoming someone they had always dreamed of.

ROOF RUSH is a facility for ‘Body & Movement Play’ that allows children to jump from one roof to another by stepping on clouds. It is an attraction to indulge all five senses, and also lets out a mystical aura as darkness and rain falls from time to time.

Last but not least, right past ROOF RUSH, WILD MAZE awaits visitors with an exciting adventure through the deep sea, land of dinosaurs, South Pole, and jungle surrounded by dynamic visuals and sound effects. This zone is for ‘Discovery & Sense Play,’ where children discover new interests while traveling fantastical places.

The journey reaches an end once you circle back to the Toy Kingdom(Retail store). Each section being a different concept features different attractions, whereas the vintage-style tone and manner of Toy Kingdom applied in general creates a unified look under its brand identity. The character figures and VMD elements that appear along the way spice up the narrative, making the space even more intriguing, and create a holistic brand identity.

Designed by MILESEUM
Photography by Bum Gyoung Gim

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