Jet Wine Bar by Studio IQL, Philadelphia – Pennsylvania

December 5th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

The Jet Wine Bar is located at 15th and South Street in Philadelphia. The owners had a basement space the same compact size as the upstairs bar area. Our assignment was to create a “First Class” lounge downstairs that would be very appealing and draw patrons away from the very crowded upstairs bar area. By creating this area the owners created twice the usable space without moving or increasing monthly overhead.

We played on the concept of Jet travel back in the time when it was glamorous and exclusive. The owner is a bit of a lady playboy who spends half of her time traveling to exotic places. This contributed to the mystique of wine and travel. Everything in the space, with the exception of the Saarinen tables, is a custom design by Studio IQL. Including the ceiling light installation.

Design: Studio IQL
Photography: Sam Orbiter

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