Pluglight by Atelier ARI

December 4th, 2017 by Camra’s blog

Atelier ARI’s Pluglight is a suspending workspace lamp that allows users to charge their devices simultaneously. Dutch studio Atelier ARI’s Pluglight device is a multifunctional design lamp that combines light with electricity supply. Pluglight is made of a sparkling clear acrylic block and a diffuse tube of light that incorporates all technical components. The bottom of Pluglight is provided with a power outlet. The lamp is designed in a way that it is easy to grab to plug-in mobile devices.

Electricity within reach We can all agree that life without mobile devices is nearly impossible. additionally, plug-ins for charging this equipment are not always available or placed at unhandy places.Atelier ARI’s Pluglight uses the existing light network. As the electricity comes from the ceiling, there are no more annoying cables over the floor.

The design is both functional as decorative, making Pluglight perfectly suited for informal and public work environments like home offices, coffee shops and libraries. The transparent acrylic cube creates beautiful and unexpected reflections of the light and its surroundings and transmits a spherical warm light into the room. The minimal design of a circle and a square is the result of the basic form of an power outlet.

The idea for the lamp started after personal frustrations about cables sprawled all over the floor. The concept for Pluglight became one of the winners of the Interior Awards of the Biennale Interieur Kortrijk, Belgium. After making some prototypes Atelier ARI started a collaboration with led-producer IDFrm to work out the technical aspects. The lamp is manufactured in The Netherlands and is available at Atelier ARI.

Design and photography: Atelier ARI

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